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natural disasters

Natural Disaster – First to The Last

Natural Disaster – First to The Last

Natural Disaster - first to the last


The Basics Regarding Natural Disasters

Most people have heard of a natural disaster even if they have not actually been involved in one.  There are a lot of different natural events which can be classed as natural disasters.  Natural events will not be elevated to the rank of natural disaster unless there is a vulnerable population in the area.  Not all natural disasters will occur in an area and it is important that you know about some of the disasters that could occur in your area.  When you know this you can better prepare for the disaster should you be caught in one.

The History of Natural Disasters

There are a lot of people who assume that there are more natural disaster today due to climate change and other factors.  The fact is that natural disasters can be seen throughout history.  The first documented natural disaster is actually found in the Bible.  The story of Noah’s Ark is actually one of a natural disaster.  Flooding is the most common natural disaster to affect the world.  Around 30% of all natural disasters in a year are going to be floods.  While they are not in the same league as Noah’s Ark they can cause large amounts of damage which can take prolonged periods to fix.

The Types of Natural Disasters

The types of natural disasters you should be aware of depend greatly on where you live.  There are certain areas which are prone to certain types of weather and adverse events.  Certain areas are more likely to experience tornadoes than others while another area might be more prone to earthquakes.  You need to determine what your area is prone to before you look at preparations.

Of course, there are certain natural disasters which transcend pre-defined areas.  These natural disasters are generally extreme weather which can affect any region, events which result from space weather and health disasters.  Space weather includes falling space debris and other space related events.  Health disasters are epidemics which are generally restricted to a certain area.  However, they can spread out of the original area given the correct circumstances.  An example of this can be seen in the Black Death that struck Europe between 1346 and 1350.

Being Prepared

While it is impossible to be completely prepared for all natural disasters it is possible to be prepared for the ones most likely to hit your area.  This is why you need to know what disasters you are most likely to experience in your area.  Once you know this you can contact certain organisations to find out what they recommend in order to be prepared for the disasters should it strike.

There are a lot of different types of natural disasters that happen all over the world.  This is a part of living on the planet that we do which can easily be seen when you look at the history of natural disasters.  However, you do not have to be affected to greatly by disasters if you take the time to prepare for them.  Of course, there will be times when even preparation cannot help you when a major natural disaster hits your area.

Natural Disaster – first to the last