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Floods in Belarus

Floods in Belarus

Floods in Belarus

Floods in Belarus – Last Years


Intense flooding is considered as one of the most destructive and it can also be a deadly kind of natural calamity and Belarus was able to experience its wrath for the past seven years. This country has lots wide rivers, which are the common reason of intense flooding when overflowed. This fact made Belarus a flood prone area even if their local government already spent huge amount of money for building flood defenses. Experts say that lots of catastrophic might develop in this country in the future no matter what kind of flood defense they make. Their geographic location made these kind of natural calamities inevitable.


Some of the big floods that happened in Belarus for the past seven years are:


  • July 24, 2009 – Minsk experienced almost fifty-six mm of rain for this incident. Although there are no casualties reported or any other injury that is related to the intense flooding, it left the city with numerous flooded homes, shops, highways, and other businesses. Heavy rainfall is not expected during that season in Minsk that is why the locals were not able to prepare ahead of time, experts say that this phenomena can be considered as an abnormal or unusual event during that time. Great thing most of the damaged cars and other properties are insured so all the damaged costs were easily controlled.
  • June 26, 2010 – This intense flooding happened in Minsk as well due to a heavy rainfall. Lots of cars including four trolleybuses were stranded on the middle of the road with several passengers inside. Rescuers were able to transport the passengers of the vehicles that can no longer move into a safer place immediately. The team successfully rescued more than fifty persons and there are no reported deaths or any flood related injury after the occurrence. The heavy rainfall also includes hailstorm and this what caused panic to the people that were stuck on the road. This storm left Mink with several flooded villages and damaged properties. As the storm strengthens, local authorities including road tankers, vehicles with pump, and mobile rescue squad helped control the water to at least minimize the flood. Minsk mayor visited the affected area to see the damaged personally and extend the help of the government, and assured the residents that as soon as the new flooding defense system is done, Minks should not be considered as flood prone area anymore.
  • July 12, 2012 – Belarusian city, including Gomel floated after several hours of heavy rain. Its knee-deep flood made few highways impassable but some drivers tried their luck and succeeded while majority of them do not want to take the risk. It damaged more than seventy farmlands and almost twenty houses. Some of the residents asked to be rescued including a pregnant woman. Authorities used a boat to rescue some of the locals that are stuck in their homes and cars because of the flood. Fortunately, there are no reported death or any flood related injury after the incident.
  • April 16, 2013 – Paliessie region experienced the most extreme flooding for the past decades. Flood is absolutely not new on this area, residents are used to their villages that would turn into floating islands even just after several hours of heavy rainfall, however, they still describe this incident as the largest. The main reason behind this flood is the rivers near their village’s location. It damaged almost nine hundred yards of farm fields and barns and almost two hundred damaged houses. This resulted to several impassable roads, electricity interruption, swamped businesses, and many more. Local authorities evacuated the residents that are situated near the dangerous locations right on time so there were no reported deaths or injuries.
  • August 14, 2014 – Minsk is indeed one of the most floods prone area in the city of Belarus because after several hours of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, the area has been completely flooded last august. There were numerous stranded passengers on the roads including Independence, Partyzanski, DzerZhinsky Avenue, and many other streets in the city. On the brighter side, there are no reported injuries or deaths after the incident although lots of people were late for work.


Those are just some of the extreme floods that happened in Belarus for the last seven years. The government of Belarus allotted more budget with regard to the full construction of its flood defense system and promised that as soon as its all done, residents should no longer be concerned with intense flooding. The estimated completion of the said plan is on 2018.