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natural disasters

Save a Life

Save a Life

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Preparation can save a life


Preparedness is highly significant in any kind of situation, particularly if you do not want unfortunate things to happen during a natural disaster. This simply requires knowing what to do or where is the safest place to go during difficult circumstances, what are the things that you should bring, and many other important factors that can definitely help you survive and help to protect all of your loved ones.


It is true that accidents are inevitable especially, during natural calamities but with accurate and complete knowledge and preparation, you can absolutely increase not only your chance of survival but also those people who you care the most.


Here are some of the adverse events that concretely proved that preparation can save thousands of lives.


  • Typhoon Haiyan 2013 – This super typhoon impacted the Philippines most compared to other countries. This devastating event left more than six thousand casualties, almost twenty nine thousand injured people, and more than one thousand missing. This is because of lack of preparedness, though there are tons of warnings and precautions, people became complaisant because they have a sunny weather despite of the storm signals. Instead of evacuating to a much safer place, majority of the people stayed at home and that is where Typhoon Haiyan hit them.
  • Typhoon Hagupit 2014 – This typhoon is almost as strong as Typhoon Haiyan and it also hit the Philippines. However, this time, people are more prepared because of what they have experienced with Haiyan. They transferred early in the allotted evacuation centers, their local officials provided them with sufficient supplies, strengthen their houses, and many other preparations to prevent same unfortunate events that happened before, because of this, the death toll decreased to twenty one persons only and few injured. This completely shows how preparation greatly helped them.
  • Taiwan Earthquake 1999 – The typhoon that hit Taiwan last 1999 caught the city off guard, people are not prepared and do not know what are the things that they need to do during an earthquake that is why almost two thousand people died in this tragic event.
  • Taiwan Earthquake 2014 – This earthquake is the same as the one that hit Taiwan last 1999 but it left Taiwan with incredibly no casualties. This is because after the horrific event that happened in the last earthquake, their local officials continuously provides series of seminars and drills with regard to what people should do or where should they go if they feel that there’s an earthquake. This amazingly helped people survive and even prevent injuries.


Those are just some of the examples that strongly show that preparation helps people to survive. Aside from preparedness, people should also know the importance of first aid and here are some of the essential and basic points that they need to know about it.


  • Do not move the person right away
  • Check if the person involved is conscious, if yes and the injury is not visible, ask him or her where the affected part is.
  • Examine the injury and stop the blood from flowing if it’s an open wound, make sure to use clean and sanitized kit.
  • Call an ambulance or ask for help.


Being Prepared Can Save Your Life – Come and Learn More

Being Prepared Can Save Your Life