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Ceremony to Mark a Decade Tsunami

Ceremony to Mark a Decade Tsunami

Ceremony to mark a decade tsunami

In Indonesia, the funeral ceremony was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the terrible tsunami in the Indian Ocean. December 26 marks 10 years since the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean. On this occasion, in Banda Aceh – the administrative center of the Indonesian province of Aceh, a commemorative ceremony. It was attended by several thousand people, including Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla, ambassadors from over 50 countries in Indonesia and representatives of various social circles of the country. Before the ceremony Jusuf Kalla and Governor of Aceh province visited and laid wreaths at the burial of the biggest victims of the tragedy. At 09:00 local time, a memorial ceremony was launched near the Museum of tsunami. Kalla in his speech, thanked the representatives of various public circles of the country and other countries for taking part in the work of recovery and reconstruction of Aceh, noting that what happened in 2004, a tsunami killed more than 10,000 of Acehnese. We recall, that on December 26, 2004 in Aceh earthquake of magnitude 9.1 that caused the Indian Ocean tsunami, that struck several countries in Southeast Asia and East Africa, causing more than 200,000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. In Europe, Swedish Prime Minister Stephen Lofven spoke at a ceremony at Uppsala Cathedralin, in memory of 543 Swedes died. German President Joachim, a country that has lost more than 500 people, said: “Local residents and tourists found themselves in a situation where they have a common destiny”. Memorial ceremonies were also held in Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.