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The most difficult places to live on Earth

The most difficult places to live on Earth

 We analyzed several regions of the world, dominated by extreme climatic conditions.

On our planet, there are places where require resistance, resourcefulness and skills for survival.

The most extreme conditions on earth are the following places.

List of the twelve places that you probably would prefer to pass by.

Indeed, the weather at these points so badly that endangers human life.


The most difficult places to live on Earth

1. The Pole of Cold: Located in Verkhoyansk (Russia). The lowest temperature (-67.6 degrees Celsius) was recorded in 1892. The city is home to about 1,200 people.

The Pole of Cold

2. Fire Mountain: Mount Merapi, Indonesia. It is the largest volcano in Indonesia on the island of Java. He constantly threatening smoulders. Dying local residents, tourists and volcanologists.

Fire Mountain

3. The Perfect Storm: Gonaives, Haiti. The city is often subjected to impact subtropical storms, carrying away thousands of lives.

The Perfect Storm

4. Lake of Death-Nyos : Located in the department of Menchum Northwest region of Cameroon- Central Africa. And the water temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and its very high alkalinity (to pH 10,5). Animals that die in it, harden and persist in this form.

Lake of Death-Nyos

5. Ephemeral Islands Maldives: 2004 tsunami made them unfit for habitation and in the coming decades Maldives can go under water.

Ephemeral Islands Maldives

6. The world capital of hurricanes: Grand Cayman. This tropical paradise, which is often visited by devastating storms.

The world capital of hurricanes

7. Tornado Alley: Oklahoma City, United States. Each spring there is a tornado, destroying homes and killing people.

Tornado Alley

8. The wandering Desert in China: Desert close to human habitation at a speed of 10 meters per year. Since 1950, it took over 160 square kilometers of land.

The wandering Desert in China

9. Area K2 Karakoram: Peak K2 or Godwin-Austen reaches a height of 8614 meters above sea level and is located in the Pak-China region of the Himalayas. Fierce storms do not allow climbing during the winter months. Only 250 climbers managed to reach its summit. Many climbers have died trying to conquer it.

Area K2 Karakoram

10. Gandom-е Beryan, Dasht-e Lut – Iran: the Dasht-e Lut is translated from Farsi as “desert of deserts”, is considered to be the hottest place on Earth, located in the eastern and central parts of Iran and has an average temperature of + 70,7C.

Gandom-е Beryan, Dasht-e Lut - Iran2

11. Central Sahara: there is no virtually no vegetation, and dust and sandstorms occur constantly. In the summer months the temperature reaches 50 ° C, in winter it falls below the freezing point. In one day you can experience temperature variations from -0,5C to +37.5.

Tadrart Acacus

12. Bouvet Island: Owned by Norway, is the most remote island in the world, under the island, is located an extinct volcano and 90% of the surface is covered by a glacier. The island is uninhabited; on it is a not even safe area for landing of the helicopter.

Bouvet Island




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