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natural disasters

Climatic Weapons

Climatic Weapons

Climatic weapons

Climatic weapons against our world

One book of Sidney Sheldon called “Are you afraid of the dark” became a bestseller in the United States lately. The story is not too difficult. One dishonorable scientist, who was a head of big corporation, discovered the way to control the weather. And now he blackmails several states like that: “Send one billion dollars to my account or all orange plantations will be destroyed by hail. All your farmers will go bankrupts, you will have unrest everywhere, revolutions…” or “If you want I can push one button and giant wave will remove all your oil platforms from this planet forever?”. But this story has a happy end – evil genius successfully dies because of his climate control system. Does it look like imaginary story? Or there’s something real in there? The author describes some real situations and climatic cataclysms from last years, and we still don’t know real reasons of them.

In fact, according to the UN information, during last 25 years amount of emergency situations caused by weather, e.g. hurricanes, droughts, floods and storms tripled. And they are not joking anymore, everyone, including politics, military and scientists from many countries are discussing about different ways of weather control. And it looks like weather wants to confirm their words making new tricks every time.

Climate of mass destruction

Look at two climatic catastrophes – “Katrina” hurricane in USA with 1228 people dead and over 1 million – evacuated. Flooding caused by severe rains in the south-east of China in the beginning of the summer with 732 people dead and over 2,4 millions evacuated. Body armor can protect you from the bullet, missile defense system – from nuclear bomb. But there’s nothing humanity can do to protect you from the nature: both in USA and China people were powerless against nature.

Information about man-made origin of those situations appeared immediately after them. They were telling that rains in China were caused by Yankees, when China started to show its power to Taiwan. Maybe that was the main reason of Major General of the People’s Liberation Army of China Zhu Chengdu words during an official briefing, when he said that in case of military conflict with the USA, China may be the first to use nuclear weapon. That message was truly aggressive if not hysterical.

And there are three main candidates to be the author of “Katrina” hurricane:

1. China – it was revenge for enormous rains, sent by the USA;

2. Mysterious coalition of European countries. It was totally different story, connected with before last year’s drought and floods in Europe. Ostensibly they were created by the USA in order to lower Euro exchange rate in comparison with Dollar;

3. Russia. Nobody knows what for. But nothing “really scary” and international can happen without Russia being involved.

But, these versions look silly only first couple of seconds. We know that climatologists successfully work for military organizations last years.

Climatic weapons

What we know for sure

Wet and dirty fighters of Ho Chi Minh were looking in the sky and perplexedly scratching their sparse beards, because they have never seen such heavy rains in Northern Vietnam during the civil war in late 60s – early 70s. Only after one year information about “Spinach” project became public – the US Air Force was processing clouds above Vietnam for five years with special reagents, which were calling enormous rains. Their aim was to destroy fields in the rebel areas and to flood and damage “Ho Chi Minh’s trail” – special road in jungles, that was used to get “humanitarian aid” from China.

There were two more US operations during that war: “Roman plow” (200 bulldozers with special blades) and “Farmer’s hand” (90 000 tones of herbicides, dispersed from the sky). All the vegetable life and upper layer of soil were totally destroyed and eliminated on the territory around 65 000 square kilometers. As a result all the territory was swamped and the climate was changed locally.

They say that after all those Yankee “strategic” operations, the UN created “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques”. All the countries which signed that conventions were obligated “not to harm other states from the convention list by changing or controlling any weather processes of the Earth, including its hydrosphere and atmosphere”.

Both USSR and USA signed that convention in 1977 in Geneva. They did it really willingly. Because there still was one hint. That convention was not prohibiting “usage of natural environment controlling means for peaceful purposes”.

That is all the confirmed information that we have about “military” ways of weather controlling.  But there’s a lot of unconfirmed information yet.

Everyone can call the rain

Before we continue with military secrets, we have to understand what can civil scientists do these days. Can they change the weather?

– Yes. And for many years already, – said Professor of the Department of Meteorology, Doctor of Geological Sciences Gennady MAZUROV,  surprised with my question. – I can call, for example, rain, or stop it if I want. It’s not a secret anymore, but during soviet times we were working on creation of artificial fog for military purpose. Also we learned how to remove natural fog and prevent early frosts.

– We all know how to prevent rain. Every year before Moscow’s day we see planes flying and spraying nitrogen silver crystals over the rain clouds around Moscow region. All the moist is condensed over them and pours down with rains. Moscow citizens are happy and their counterparts from Moscow region are sad. But how can we cause rain if there’s no any cloud in the sky?

– During summer times my colleagues are working really often in the Siberia, reducing taiga fires.

You need to put old and decommissioned jet aircraft engine in vertical position and turn it on with maximum speed. Air heated by temperature up to 500-700 degrees Celsius will make an air flow, streaming up making giant “pipe” with high speed. In the upper layer of the atmosphere hot air by cooling down will collect all the moist making cumulus clouds. You have to put this engine somewhere in the right place so that a wind will take new clouds in the direction of firing forest.

– I think that if it was so easy, we wouldn’t see peat smoke above Moscow couple of years ago. And anyone could remove fires in taiga during couple of hours.

– Are you ready to put such big fans all over the taiga or around the swamp and provide them with fuel? And there can be no guarantee that cumulus cloud will make any rain. Final result depends on many factors – air humidity, temperature, but this method really works. These days meteorologists can also fight with typhoons.

– Not only Russian, but American too, – says senior fellow from the Aerosol laboratory of the Research Institute of V. A. Fock of  St. Petersburg State University, author of a dozen of international patents in weather modeling, Sergey VASILIEV. – They were also trying to stop that unlucky “Katrina”. Trying to make it go by circle trajectory until it calms down. But we think that they had wrong calculations.

Unconfirmed information about meteorological weapons testing

In August 1952 somewhere in Devon county of Great Britain 230 millimeters of precipitations fell during 12 consequent hours, and that was 10 times higher than average monthly amount during last years. As the result, small village Linemat was totally demolished. 35 people were dead.

They say that it was an experiment of local air forces, and they were trying to create artificial rain. During talks in the Parliament, British Ministry of Defense was denying its implication.

The USA, year 1972. During 6 hours in South Dakota there were 400 mm of precipitation. Water flow crashed more than 750 houses, making 250 people dead. There was no any flood there during all years after that case.

The USSR, September 1977. «The phenomena of Petrozavodsk» – Karelia citizens were observing giant glowing jellyfish-like clot. The anomaly was also seen from Finland, making videos of it being available in Europe. “The Washington Post” newspaper interviewed several reputable scientists, telling that the phenomenon was caused by experiments with weather.

During long lasting rains in 1978 in the USA two dozens of villages were flooded in Wisconsin state, making total damage more than $ 50 million. Proponents of the theory of “climatic wars” were explaining that case as a result of military experiment that ran out of their control.


 Climatic weapons against our world


There was strange drought in California in 1981. Climatologists were calling it “the most amazing and unusual natural phenomenon during whole history of the meteorology in the USA. There was an unexplainable area of high pressure in the atmosphere, preventing cyclones from the Pacific Ocean getting above the mainland. American geophysicist Manuel Sereyo is telling that it was the result of work of soviet weather control station located in Cuba.

There was an unusually nice weather during bombings in Yugoslavia in the south-eastern Europe. Lately some information appeared telling that it was specially created by United States. “Politika” newspaper from Belgrade tells:: “It the evening on 5th of April all the sky above Nis was heavy and gray, so we were waiting for rain. But then there was an airplane sound, sky became red and clouds started to zip and disappear. Sun appeared shortly. During that night Nis was totally destroyed by bombs. Next evening there was the very same situation with Negotin and Prakhov”.

Weather submission

The analysts of the USA Air Force created a report, that was lately available in some media. It was simply called “Weather as our power multiplier: weather submission before 2025″. Authors were explaining the reasons for military organizations this way:

Just imagine that in 2025 the USA will fight with rich South American drug cartel, that has many powerful patrons among the leaderships of several local countries. The USA are not willing to have real war in this region or they just don’t have enough resources. The only way is to destroy coca plantations and warehouses with finished products from the air. But let’s imagine that drug dealers bought old decommissioned fighters from Russia and China and some systems for tracking and intercepting missiles from France. Of course, our planes (authors talk about US planes) are more sophisticated. But there are 10 decommissioned and cheaper fighters for 1 US plane. And drug dealers can keep their territory safe by quantity and not by quality. What should we do then?”

Authors are giving us an amazing solution. According with long-term meteorological observations there is a great chance of heavy rains everyday at noon all year round. And according with the information from CIA, pilots of drug dealers are trying to avoid flying during such periods. During the planned day of US operation high-altitude “invisible” aircraft of US Air Forces disperses reagents over the clouds, creating heavy rain. Fighters of drug dealers are staying in hangars and American fighters are completing their task with success.


They started attempts of hurricanes suppression in the middle of 60-s in the USA. One of the successive experiments took place in 1969 near Haiti. Tourists and locals were able to see big white cloud, with big circles around, like some giant was smoking big cigarette. The meteorologists covered clouds with silver iodide and were able to turn it around from Haiti to Panama and Nicaragua. We have to mention that the hurricane was ten times smaller than powerful “Katrina” and it didn’t create any mess.

Can we send frost somewhere?

Nowadays almost everybody in Russia is suffering from unprecedented cold weather. In many regions temperature this January is lower than average by 10-15 degrees. It looks like some moments from disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow”: powerful vortex started to take cold air from the upper layers of the atmosphere where temperature is around -70-100 degrees, taking this air down to Earth. Looks fantastic? Yes, but yet. It can happen any time. And what can scientists do now? Can they create cold weather when they want?

– They can, – said Professor of the Department of Meteorology, Doctor of Geological Sciences Gennady MAZUROV. – This is very famous so-called “nuclear winter”. Explosion of several powerful nuclear bombs or simultaneous eruption of large volcanoes can create dust veil above our planet, preventing sunrays to reach the ground, resulting in very long winter that can last from several months up to dozen of years. But I really hope that no one will try to make such experiment on our planet.

HAARP complex in Alaska

HAARP complex in Alaska — is the unique object of the US Ministry of Defense, officially confirmed absence of death rays experiments and mind control means on its territory.

Climatic weapons against our world (2)

There’s always a great mystery when people talk about high-frequency effect on the Earth’s ionosphere complex in Alaska. What does that object look like? Can they change Earth climate and destroy us with so-called “death rays”? Many “independent warriors” are trying to tell us such things, discovering governments conspiracies.

Even though we want to believe in some crazy ideas of the scientists, there are no big secrets in High Frequency Active Auroral Research (HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). But it doesn’t mean that this complex is not unique and it can’t study ionosphere magnetism through developing of radio waves with different frequency.

HAARP project was created during Cold War periods when submarines of both USA and USSR were making some short fights in the World Ocean. While staying underwater the submarines were not able to communicate with commanders all the time and US commanders gave order to create special devices for communication in the deep.

Scientists are looking very optimistic in their future. There are many plans to create new mechanisms of ionosphere affection to protect communication means and satellites from powered space particles (multiplied during sun activity) or from well-known nuclear explosions using directed radio signal, creating so-called whistle waves in the magnetosphere.

Climatic weapons against our world

Taking into account growth of military aggression from the USA, – Russian Parliament tried to make full analysis of the situation in 2002 involving experts from Science Academy and Ministry of Defense. But President Representative Alexander Kotenkov asked to withdraw that question from discussion to prevent panic between Russian citizens. Question was withdrawn.

In the beginning of 2003 the USA openly proclaimed testing of some “guns” in Alaska. Many experts connect that situation with many natural disasters in South and Central Europe, Russia, and Indian Ocean. HAARP developers were warning everyone that there can be side effect because of great volume of powerful energy was going to be extracted into the outer spheres of the Earth.

We have to notice that even though many people call HAARP “really dangerous”, there are many similar projects in different countries including Russia. High-frequency transmitters based on HAARP-like technology are available in Norway (Tromse town), in Alaska (Gakhone military base), and in Greenland. After finishing transmitter in Greenland they created something like closed loop power contour.

CIA says that Russia is guilty in all natural disasters and Russia proclaims that it’s USA…

What is waiting us in the future?