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SuperMoon 2015

SuperMoon 2015

SuperMoon 2015

A Night to Remember – SuperMoon 2015 Come Again September 28

If you are one of the many people who love gazing at the stars, then you probably experienced admiring the beauty of a full moon which looks even bigger than the ordinary full moon. That is what is called the expected SuperMoon come again September 28. Nobody can deny the magnificence of a full moon. However, it looks a lot bigger when it is the closest that it can get to Earth.

As people love traditions and beliefs, the SuperMoon is also linked to untoward incidences of earthquakes among other natural calamities. However, this claim is unproven, unsupported by evidences. Yes, the SuperMoon has coincided with the Japan earthquake and tsunami in the year 2011 and another earthquake in Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 but no link can be established between these disasters and the SuperMoon. Aside from the natural disasters that some people link to the SuperMoon, there is also the Blood Moon Prophecy wherein the SuperMoon is believed to be the signal of the end of the world.

It was previously seen last August 29, 2015 and you will have the rare chance to witness SuperMoon come again September 28 in its entire splendor.

What’s in a name – SuperMoon Come Again September 28

Richard Nolle, a popular astrologer named the SuperMoon to refer to a super rare incident when the Earth, the sun, and the moon are all aligned, making the moon look bigger that a regular full moon. It is the time when the moon is as close as it can get to the Earth in its orbit. This phenomenon is also known as perigee among astronomers. The great news is that you may be able to witness it not once, not twice, but even thrice, in a moon cycle. In some places on Earth, it is also called the “Harvest Moon”.

The SuperMoon Effect – SuperMoon come again September 28

As the moon is linked to the tides, it is important to be aware that since the moon is closest to the Earth on a SuperMoon, the gravitational pull will also be at its strongest. To give you a figure, the lunar pull will be up to more or less 20% stronger.

SuperMoon Come Again September 28 – Never Forget

Now, SuperMoon come again September 28 leaves many people excited. The September SuperMoon is expected to be the biggest and the best SuperMoon of this year. Aside from being bigger than the normal full moon, the SuperMoon also looks different in color, hence, the name “Blood Moon”. The difference in the color is actually the effect of the Earth’s shadow falling on the moon as they align. What makes it reddish is the light from the sun that the moon catches. It is, indeed, a rare occasion as the moon will again be as close to Earth as it can be in three decades. You are, indeed, lucky, if you are able to witness one SuperMoon in your lifetime.

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