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natural disasters


Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Hypothermia

  Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when your core body temperature decreases below normal. This can be happened if you are exposed to cold winds and wetness. Your body begins to shiver automatically to re-warm itself. Since your energy is used for keeping the body warm, you may reach to a point where your body in not able to re-warm it. If you left it untreated, your body will slowly shut down and you can even die. This life-threatening condition happens when your body loses more heat than it produces. This causes your body temperature to drop below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The main causes of hypothermia is the exposure to cold water and air for a long period of time.   Symptoms You can protect yourself against hypothermia by being aware of the common symptoms and taking action...

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Immigrants Drowned

Posted by on Sep 17, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Immigrants Drowned

Hundreds of immigrants drowned in the Mediterranean   Hundreds of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa were feared to have died because of drowning last September 6, 2014 in the Mediterranean Sea. It was after a group of people smugglers smashed their boat on purpose that eventually leads into the horrific submerged. This is not the first tragedy of this kind. The first incident was last week as well where five hundred people from the coast of Egypt sailed towards Malta and almost all of them died because of drowning. However, a total of eleven passengers managed to survive and a freighter saved nine of them. According to Flavio Di Giacomo, spokesman of IOM Italy, the survivors stated that the ship is carrying an estimated of five hundred passengers, two of the survivors was brought to Sicily and...

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The request to the UN

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Articles, israel, United States | Comments Off on The request to the UN

   The request to the UN The request of “JerusalemHand” organization to the United Nations The organization “JerusalemHand”, that deals in rescue and saving, and in rehabilitating victims of international natural disasters around the world, has made an emotional to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, chairman on the United Nations,   to allow representatives of the United Nations to transfer the body for burial in an orderly and deserving way of the Jewish –American journalist, that was murdered, Mr. Steven Sottlof by the murderous terror organization Daash. Please note, that every day that the victim foes not reach burial in his ancestors place, A wrong over a wrong is being done to the last respect the world owes him and his family.  Especially in light of the tragic event that happen to him, where he was murdered because he represents the enlightened...

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US Flood

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Articles, United States | Comments Off on US Flood

   US Flood-2014 Floodwaters caused by heavy rains wreaked havoc in the United States this week. Throughout the Southwest, roads have been closed, homes and cars submerged, and two people have been reported to have lost their lives. Monsoon storms are common in the Southwest during the summer, and with Tropical Storm Norbert combining with monsoon moisture on Monday, there was record-setting rainfall Phoenix, Arizona. The heavy rainfall caused floodwaters that submerged vehicles and homes in Nevada and Arizona, and were responsible for at least two deaths in southern Arizona. A 76-year-old woman was killed when her husband attempted to drive across a flooded area. The incident occurred in Pinal County, Arizona, when their vehicle was swept away by the fast-moving water. Both exited their vehicle in an attempt to swim to safety, and the husband, age 69, was...

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Posted by on Aug 11, 2014 in Articles, Sierra Leone | Comments Off on Ebola

Ebola virus, a terrible disease that threatened everyone   The whole world was shocked on how viral and deadly the Ebola virus has become, at the present moment, according to the latest report of World Health Organization or WHO, this virus already killed 961 people and 818 remained hospitalized for close monitoring and isolation. The number of reported cases continues and would continue to rise since there is no specific cure yet with regard to this virus. This virus is known in these places since 1976 but this year is the most severe. The first case was reported December of 2013 and it originally started from Guinea. However, the virus has been confirmed only this March of 2014 and from Guinea, the virus started to spread to Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone that is why more and more people...

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One Day Of Rain

Posted by on Aug 10, 2014 in Articles, Jamaica | Comments Off on One Day Of Rain

It was summer time in the Caribbean and Hank was loving it. Summer was his favourite time of the year. He loved everything thing about it, the beaches, the weather, the parties, hanging out with friends but this summer was going to be one he would never forget. There had been an ongoing drought in Jamaica for two months. The drought definitely took a toll on the citizens of Jamaica as there wasn’t enough water for everyone to survive. There had been so many incidents of persons dying of dehydration and the government did know what to do about it. In the first month over 30 persons died and the numbers kept on rising as the weeks passed. They prayed and prayed for rain but none came. One day he and his friends all planned to go to a...

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Global Warming

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Global Warming

Global warming is definitely no longer a new topic for discussion. You might have heard about it in schools, news, or read about it in blogs, newsletters, and others. The effects of global warming can surely be felt in any part of the world today. But one question remains unanswered: What have you done to stop further effects of global warming? You might have taken the issue of global warming for granted. But the impacts of this issue are affecting our lives in different aspects. The rising temperatures which can already be felt in different parts of the world can cause serious problems on our health, environment, and even on our economy. Climate change is undeniably the biggest environmental crisis today. Your single act before can be one of the causes of this crisis today. Thus, you should do...

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Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Epidemics

Epidemics after a natural disasters Often times people think that epidemics often will happen following a natural disaster. However, many of these are thought to have occurred due to other reasons,  other than the actual event itself. In addition, while the threat of certain infectious diseases have taken  place following certain weather events, there are many factors that will further contribute to the final epidemic levels actually being reached. When a natural disaster like a flood, tornado, hurricane, Tsunami,  Sandstorm, Earthquake, or even when a volcano takes place, often other chain of events will start to happen. With that said, some of these chain events could include damaging water lines, electric power lines going down, misplaced debris contaminating the soil, and other damaging effects to take hold. However, many people tend to start to think that the actual event...

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Canada Forest Fires

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Articles, Canada | Comments Off on Canada Forest Fires

    Canada Forest Fires – The Heat of the Moment   Some people love the heat. Most people spend humid days in beaches, lounging on their beach chairs while they work on their tans, sipping cold drinks, taking dips in the pool, or just engaging in different outdoor activities. However, some parts of the world just cannot handle too much heat. Canada is just one of the countries that experience numerous forest fires because of the humidity.   A big change in the climate caused a big change in the temperature especially in the Northwestern part of Canada. As a result, there was also a big increase in the number of forest fire incidences in the country. In just seven months of the year 2014, almost two hundred forest fires took place. More than one hundred fifty forest...

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Airline Attack

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Articles, Malaysia | Comments Off on Airline Attack

    Airline Attack: Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crashes in Ukraine   A lot of people believe that Malaysian Airlines must have done something to deserve its feat. Months after one of its airplanes virtually vanished, its flight 17 was attacked in Ukraine. The attack caused the airplane to crash and ended hundreds of human lives. According to reports, no one in the said flight survived the attack. As of the moments, most of the bodies lie in a coal-mining area. This area is located in the eastern part of Ukraine.   One can just imagine the agony of the victims’ loved ones. Days passed as they wait for the bodies of the victims’ retrieval. To aggravate the situation, some of the bodies are actually held hostage in the warzone. Although the government accuses the rebels about causing delay...

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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Terror

             Tragedy – When Terrorism Strikes   A lot of people cried over news of terror disaster especially when they were given insights about the victims. Seeing the victims in a clearer angle somehow makes people feel closer to them and dread what terrorism does to innocent people. Seeing such things on TV or reading about it on newspapers or online is enough to make people shiver. How can some people be heartless? Just imagine how the victims’ families feel. It must have been worst than having a jagged knife strike you in the chest. However, what makes it even more complicated is that these “heartless” people do not see it as a selfish act. To them, it is an act needed for the change that they desire. Regardless, it hurts people. It takes lives...

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Typhoon Glenda

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Articles, Philippines | Comments Off on Typhoon Glenda

Typhoon Glenda Typhoon Glenda or also known internationally as Rammasun completely transformed from tropical depression into a typhoon. As of today (July 15, 2014) the typhoon made a landfall in Legazpi City. Experts said that it strengthens even more now that it made the landfall. The measurement of its wind is now 155 – 120kph. Aside from the strong winds, it also carries heavy rain that is why storm surge is might be possible, because of this, government officials warns those people who lives near the ocean and even those who are located in the places where the eye of the typhoon is, to take extra precaution and safety measures to prevent any kind of accidents related to this typhoon. Some of the cities in Typhoon Glenda’s path are Southern Luzon, Eastern Visayas, and Bicol regions. People located in...

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Typhoon Neoguri Attacked Japan

Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Typhoon Neoguri Attacked Japan

  Typhoon Neoguri Attacked Japan Almost every country in the world has experienced devastations of natural disasters like typhoon, hurricane, earthquakes, avalanche, tsunami, and the like. These disasters are very devastating killing people, and damaging properties like homes, schools, roads, and others. These natural disasters are somewhat paralyzing a certain community because of its destructions. The common aftermath of these natural disasters are power blackout, lack of food, lack of shelter, lack of clothing, and diseases brought by traumatic experience, injuries, and unhealthy environment. Just last July 7, 2014, Japan was devastated by the super typhoon Neoguri. Residents of affected areas in Japan who witness the super typhoon’s attacked believed that this typhoon is the strongest typhoon that has attacked the country. As preparation for the super typhoon’s landfall, nearly 500, 000 families were evacuated from the southern islands...

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Rehabilitation and Donation

Posted by on Jul 8, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Rehabilitation and Donation

               Natural disasters or calamities often come and go. It is formed because of the unbalanced climate the world is experiencing. It is developed from low pressured areas turning into dangerous super typhoons, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. Typhoons are natural disasters situated in the east side of the globe pouring light or heavy rain and sometimes bring floods, landslides near mountainous areas or storm surges on coastal areas depending on the wind velocity of the typhoon. Hurricanes, on the other hand, are formed in the west side of the globe and it brings strong winds, and hail among others. When tectonic plates move, an earthquake may occur and a tsunami may follow depending on the intensity of the earthquake. These natural disasters can hit your country any time of the season. It causes major damage on your...

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Help free Hostages

Posted by on Jun 15, 2014 in Articles, israel | Comments Off on Help free Hostages

A call for hostages: To all our friends and visitors on site. Last Thursday ( 12-june-2014 ), kidnapped three school students in Israel by Palestinian radical terrorist organization. We are organizing a petition drive to anyone who wants to join the call to release the students to immediately return to their home. We wish for the children of all countries in the world to live in peace, without fear and quietly with their families.   ———————————————————————————————————- Baruch Leveev CEO of “JerusalemHand” Organization. Ofer Cohen, Chairman Jewish Lobby values. “Three Israeli Teens kidnapped by a Terrorist Organization” – 12 June 2014 It was reported last June 12, 2014 Thursday, that three Israeli teens namely Eyal Yifrah, who was nineteen years old19, Gil-Ad Shaer, a sixteen-year old resident of Talmon and Naftali Frenkel, also sixteen years old were missing and was...

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Common Natural Disasters

Posted by on Jun 14, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Common Natural Disasters

  15 Most Common Natural Disasters Known to Man While not a daily occurrence, there are some natural disasters that strike more often than others. These are the 15 most common natural disasters that occur around the world. Hurricanes A wide spread severe storm, born on the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. The storm features an eye at its center and can cause damage on a massive scale. The most destructive forces with a hurricane include high wind speeds and storm surge with flooding. Tornadoes Supercell thunderstorms may produce a violent rotating column of air known as a tornado. These storms are very common in areas of the United States with damage ranging from blown around furniture to wiping out entire towns. Tsunamis Not always giant waves crashing to shore, a tsunami tends to be a succession of...

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Coal Mine in Turkey

Posted by on Jun 10, 2014 in Articles, Turkey | Comments Off on Coal Mine in Turkey

Coal Mine Collapse in Turkey – The Dark Side May 13, 2014 is figuratively a dark day as coal mine collapse in Turkey claimed almost 300 lives. It was a tragic event that claimed the spot as the worst mine disaster as it showed people how monstrous coal mines can be. The electrical explosion claimed lives as well as the fire that it caused. The emergency crew continued to search for survivors, hoping to find people and bring the survivors back to their families. Aside from the 274 people who died, 450 miners were rescued and more than a hundred souls are believed to be trapped inside the coal mine. The coal mine is located in Soma. Emergency workers had to wait because of poisonous gases and thick smoke to rescue the victims of the coal mine collapse in...

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Natural Disaster – First to The Last

Posted by on May 27, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Natural Disaster – First to The Last

  The Basics Regarding Natural Disasters Most people have heard of a natural disaster even if they have not actually been involved in one.  There are a lot of different natural events which can be classed as natural disasters.  Natural events will not be elevated to the rank of natural disaster unless there is a vulnerable population in the area.  Not all natural disasters will occur in an area and it is important that you know about some of the disasters that could occur in your area.  When you know this you can better prepare for the disaster should you be caught in one. The History of Natural Disasters There are a lot of people who assume that there are more natural disaster today due to climate change and other factors.  The fact is that natural disasters can be...

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Left alone

Posted by on May 23, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Left alone

Left alone during a difficult time “Mommy?” Elaine called out but her mother was nowhere in sight. All she could she is the rubble and debris that the recent earthquake caused. Elaine was only fifteen years old. She often heard about natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados but she was never lucky to experience one. Despite the amount of drills she did at school she never ever would imagine it to be as devastating and intense as this. It must have been only ten minutes since the disaster struck. Elaine was able to squeeze her way out from her safe place. Now she was on the search for her mother. They both came to the local grocery store to get some food items for dinner, minutes later they were separated by the after effects of the earthquake. Elaine...

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Rescue Services

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Rescue Services

Rescue Services Some of the most difficult jobs in the world are some of the most necessary. Just like we need police officers, we need rescue and protection services. These rescue forces provide aid and support for the public from anything from natural disasters to war and terror attacks. In Jerusalem in particular, the rescue forces are always extremely hard at work. If they are not rescuing others and making a difference to the community around them, then these soldiers are involved in educational and awareness programs that can help make others feel safe and ready for the world around them. The director of the Rescue & Fire services of Jerusalem is Shimon Romach, a well-respected Israeli. These services can be reached by calling 102 and they are commonly used to help individuals from as many different problems as...

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Afghanistan Mudslide

Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Afghanistan Mudslide

Afghanistan Mudslide Afghanistan Mudslide 2014, many dead from the disaster Just a few days ago, after another natural disaster, this time in Afghanistan, hundreds of people lost their lives after getting buried alive by a catastrophic mudslide in a remote northern corner of Afghanistan. Last Friday, a mudslide literally rolled through the village that was located there and with a second collapse even trapped all the neighboring places from where people actually had gone out to help the people from the village. Officials reported that tons of soil and rocks just broke off from a hill in Badakhshan district which is located near the Tajik border resulting in a massive wave of mud that just left a path of destruction once it stopped moving. Reports also state that out of the at least one thousand houses in Aab Barik,...

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Tornado Event

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Tornado Event

    Tornado Event Tornado Event USA (april 2014) Just three years after the devastating tornado event that struck the heart of Little Rock suburb of Vilonia and its residents found themselves running away in the dark last Monday, trying to realize what is going on and how they will actually be able to come back from another incident like this. This was reportedly one of the most powerful tornados we’ve seen this year and it literally carved its way through the city while killing at least 16 people in its wake. The tornado started on Sunday at about 10 miles west of Little Rock around 7-8 p.m. in the evening and then sped all the way on a 80 miles path of destruction destroying many buildings as well as residents property. It grew as big as half a...

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Sinking Ferry In South Korea

Posted by on Apr 19, 2014 in Articles, Korea, Democratic People’S Republic Of | Comments Off on Sinking Ferry In South Korea

Sinking Ferry In South Korea Many South Korean families have been struck by tragedy when a ferry sank on April 16th. The ferry was carrying mostly high school students, 330 to be exact. The total number of people on board at the time was 429. Currently there are still many people missing. Many of the survivors suffered various injuries and  have been taken to a hospital for treatments. The ferry was on its way to Jeju Island, a popular destination for tourists. According to the desperate messages send by its passengers before the tragedy, the boat hit something and a loud noise was heard. They also mention that the ferry started tilting immediately to a side. A crewman that managed to survive declared on Thursday that there was a lot of chaos on board when the ferry started tilting....

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Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Rehabilitation

Rebuild Homes. Revive Lives There are several natural disasters that are happening anywhere in the world today. Some of these disasters are floods, typhoon, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The people have different concepts about the occurrence of these disasters. Some think that it is nature’s revenge to the people’s abusive use of natural resources. On the other hand, other people believe that disasters are just parts of lives which are invincible. The occurrence of these natural disasters is just beyond the control of any human being. Many natural disasters that have occurred in different parts of the world have made a significant difference in the lives of many people. The difference may be positive or negative. More often than not, natural disasters have affected the lives of people badly. Natural disasters can leave depressing effects to the victims in different...

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Stop Hate and Spread Love

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Stop Hate and Spread Love

Stop Hate and Spread Love The chaos in the world now seemed to be undying. It comes in different forms like crimes and wars. These chaoses are actually an accumulation of everybody’s selfishness. One person hates another, one person refused to help another. What can the world achieve with selfish people? Competition is one factor that triggers a person to be selfish. It can be a competition for power, for wealth, or for fame. In every corner of the world, competition is almost viewed as war: war within families, friends, and community. There is war inside the school, inside the company, and inside the government. Everybody wants power. And everybody’s way of becoming powerful is by stepping on each other’s feet. Life now seemed to be a survival of the fittest. One challenging question is, is there still a...

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Posted by on Apr 12, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Charity

  Charity (צדקה) There has been a rapid growth for disaster management and combating techniques. Israel has been customarily susceptible disasters because of its unique geographical dimension. In sight of Israel’s high phenomena of a range of geophysical impact millions across the country leaving behind a path of heavy loss of lives, homes and jobs. As it became apparent that giving to others was a part of human life, organizations are established that serve as a middle person to get money or goods from the haves to the have not. These organizations are known as charities. Some charities are very specific as way because the groups of people they intend to serve. For example, a charity may focus completely on supplying poor kids with vaccines at birth to prevent them from obtaining deadly illnesses. Many Areas tend to lose...

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Powerful Quake Shakes Up Chile

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Powerful Quake Shakes Up Chile

Powerful Quake Shakes Up Chile Northern Chile has been hit by a powerful earthquake followed by a tsunami on April 1st. The quake had an 8.2 magnitude, causing a total of six people to lose their lives and close to 900,000 other people being evacuated from the area, as reported by several news agencies. A number of small aftershocks engulfed the Northern coats for the following days, prompting residents to fear for their lives and flee to safer surroundings.   Residents reacted promptly to news of the disaster, with fishermen trying to salvage remains of the affected properties. The tsunami waves which followed the strong quake reached as far as Indonesia. Numerous people who lost their homes took shelter in Alto Hospicio, their number at the moment reaching almost 400.   Although earthquakes and natural calamities are no stranger...

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Path to Destruction

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Articles | Comments Off on Path to Destruction

Path to Destruction – How the humans affect of nature Progress in every country has been uncontrollable and conspicuous nowadays whether it belongs to the first world, second world or third world. Advancement, even just a little of it, is unconcealed in every state nation through the emergence of innumerable factories and power plants. They have played significant roles in the lives of man for they make the everyday activities of man more trouble and stress free. They have also dished out great opportunities especially to those who are hard up and unemployed because they can now strengthen, support and supply the necessities of their family financially. Improvement in the industrial field has also opened up the senses of individuals toward the veracity of life. Why? Because before, industrial ecology was not that widely used that is why people...

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Indonesia Disasters

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Articles, Indonesia | Comments Off on Indonesia Disasters

Indonesia Disasters Indonesia And Their Natural Disasters Hi, my name is Bella, I live in a small community just below and right in the middle of the danger zone of Mt. Sinabung. For the past few months and since last year, the volcano has been active, but my people and village has long stayed and will refuse to leave the life we have in our village. This is the only reality that we know, there can be no more beyond our village. But this year since January, the volcano has fully erupted and last month was the last straw, as the raging ashes and Pyro materials have decimated and destroyed my village, it killed several of my neighbors and including my close kin and uncle’s wife when heavy rocks hit their house. We are now living in tents in...

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The Worst Winter in Decades

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Articles, United States | Comments Off on The Worst Winter in Decades

2014: The Worst Winter in Decades 2014 featured one of the worst and most extreme winters North America has felt in decades. The United States’ eastern seaboard suffered under very cold temperatures for the majority of the season, and was hit by a succession of winter storms and blizzards almost from the very start of the season. North American Cold Wave Temperatures began to dip well below freezing during the month of January which has since become known as the 2014 North American Cold Wave. It affected much of Canada, the United States’ eastern seaboard and Northern Mexico. An Arctic front accompanied by a nor’easter storm tracked across the country on January 2nd and brought heavy snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures. This event was caused by a sudden stratospheric warming, causing the breakdown of the polar vortex and leading...

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