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natural disasters


Aan Kusuma

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Aan Kusuma

Aan Kusuma from Indonesia. (member N.2001)

Date of birth – April 1988

I just want help people… and make my self useful. I can contribute with myself, my strength, and anything what I can do.

Indonesia Disasters

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Indonesia Disasters

Indonesia Disasters

Indonesia Disasters

Indonesia And Their Natural Disasters

Hi, my name is Bella, I live in a small community just below and right in the middle of the danger zone of Mt. Sinabung. For the past few months and since last year, the volcano has been active, but my people and village has long stayed and will refuse to leave the life we have in our village. This is the only reality that we know, there can be no more beyond our village. But this year since January, the volcano has fully erupted and last month was the last straw, as the raging ashes and Pyro materials have decimated and destroyed my village, it killed several of my neighbors and including my close kin and uncle’s wife when heavy rocks hit their house. We are now living in tents in a refugee camp away from the volcano. But our homes are all but gone. I am asking for help for those kind souls that have been touched by Indonesia’s disasters this past year and last month, to lend us a helping hand. The refugee camp has a lot of amenities, but it is not enough to feed and take care of thousands of people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The plea for help above is just one of the many that you will find in the long list of pleas coming from Indonesia’s natural disaster zone. For the erupting and active volcano Mt. Sinabung has unleashed a fury that has taken down whole towns and affected cities. The usual things happened, lives were lost, livelihoods were put into the ground and covered with ash, and some villages are torn with fire, stone and hot debris.

And this doesn’t end there, since Indonesia is right in the bed of the pacific ring of fire, the entire nation has been hit with a multitude of earthquakes for the past 10 years, non-stop yearly large quakes which wakes up volcanos and lead them to erupt. The worst of this disaster has been heavily documented on the wake of a Christmas Morning, December 25, 2004 where a Tsunami of epic proportions hit Phuket and claimed near 4,000 lives. It hit a tourist destination filled with holiday makers together with their families and moved toward inland to hit few villages.

The island f Indonesia is a breeding ground for tsunami attacks that could be as high as 4-10 Meters. It is surrounded by water and ocean on both sides, and the 2004 tsunami was even caused halfway across the world in Italy, some small scale tsunamis were formed right in the pacific ocean where a sudden earthquake or flipped of the earth will cause massive waves to form.

The villages are the easiest to be destroyed. Mostly populated, these areas tend to have many children and young ones, where during a natural disaster strike would stand little chance, and will often times lead an adult to lose their lives protecting their children.

It is our helping hand that they all need, relocation, food, rice, shelter and humanitarian effort is the basics, but the biggest challenge will always be access to clean water. It is time to help.