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The request to the UN

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The request to the UN

   Flag of the United Nations

The request to the UN

The request of “JerusalemHand” organization to the United Nations

The organization “JerusalemHand”, that deals in rescue and saving, and in rehabilitating victims of international natural disasters around the world, has made an emotional to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, chairman on the United Nations,   to allow representatives of the United Nations to transfer the body for burial in an orderly and deserving way of the Jewish –American journalist, that was murdered, Mr. Steven Sottlof by the murderous terror organization Daash.

Please note, that every day that the victim foes not reach burial in his ancestors place, A wrong over a wrong is being done to the last respect the world owes him and his family.  Especially in light of the tragic event that happen to him, where he was murdered because he represents the enlightened world with the universal values.


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בקשת ארגון “יד ירושלים” לאו’ם

ארגון “יד ירושלים”, העוסק בחילוץ והצלה, ובשיקום קורבנות אסונות הטבע בינלאומי ברחבי העולם, פנה בפניה נרגשת למר בן קימון יו”ר האו”ם, לאפשר לנציגי האו”ם להעביר את גופתו לקבורה באופן מסודר וראוי, של העיתונאי האמריקאי יהודי, שנירצח, מר סטיבן סותלוף על ידי ארגון הטרור הרצחני דעא”ש.

בבקשה צוין, שכל יום שהנרצח לא מגיע לקבורה במקום אבותיו, נעשה עוול על עוול לכבוד האחרון שהעולם חייב לו ולמשפחתו. בעיקר לאור האירוע הטראגי שקרה לו, בו הוא נרצח דווקא בגלל שהוא מייצג את העולם הנאור עם הערכים האוניברסליים.


The request to the UN

Help free Hostages

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Help free Hostages

A call for hostages:

To all our friends and visitors on site. Last Thursday ( 12-june-2014 ), kidnapped three school students in Israel by Palestinian radical terrorist organization.

We are organizing a petition drive to anyone who wants to join the call to release the students to immediately return to their home.

We wish for the children of all countries in the world to live in peace, without fear and quietly with their families.



Baruch Leveev CEO of “JerusalemHand” Organization.

Ofer Cohen, Chairman Jewish Lobby values.

Help free HostagesHelp free Hostages

“Three Israeli Teens kidnapped by a Terrorist Organization” – 12 June 2014

It was reported last June 12, 2014 Thursday, that three Israeli teens namely Eyal Yifrah, who was nineteen years old19, Gil-Ad Shaer, a sixteen-year old resident of Talmon and Naftali Frenkel, also sixteen years old were missing and was kidnapped by terrorists in Area C.

Prime Minister Netanyahu could not give further information about the search investigation of the missing teens, however he said that the kidnapping shows the true outcome of the Hamas-Fatah unity government, and it held the Palestinian government responsible for their fates. He also said on his first camera statement that the Israeli government will do everything in their power to find the missing teens.

The Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated earlier that their special force assumed that the three missing teens are still alive and that the kidnappers may attempt to flee Israeli territory through Jordan. He also said that he won’t accept a kidnapping attempt and wants to strengthen the families of the kidnapped teens, and added that Israel will use any means as they do in order to prevent terror attacks.

Security forces found a burnt Israeli vehicle near the West Bank city of Hebron at 3 A.M, a day after the teens were missing and they are trying to linked it to the kidnapping incident that happened a day before. According to Channel 10, Naftali Frenkel is an American citizen. Eyal Yifrah and Gil-Ad Shaer were students at the Makor Chaim. They were thought to be hitchhiking to Modi’in, a city halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Gil-Ad, one of the missing teens had called his parents on the night of the abduction and told them he is on his way home, but unfortunately he failed to get home. The family suspects that maybe he stayed over his grandparents’ house and his phone ran out of battery. No one knew about his whereabouts thereafter. They contacted the police at 3 A.M.

A member of Fatah’s Central Committee and the chairman of the Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society, Mohammad Madani, denounced Netanyahu’s cynical attempt to hold responsibility for the kidnapping on the Palestinian authority and the President Abbas. He emphasized that the abduction took place in Area C, which is under exclusive Israeli control and completely out of reach of the Palestinian Authority security forces.

John Baird, Canada’s Foreign Affairs issued condemned the act in a statement. He said that the country is deeply worried about the reports that these three teenaged Israeli victims are possibly kidnapped in the West Bank. He expressed how they condemn the culprits. They urged the Palestinian security authorities to make every effort to investigate this incident and work diligently to ensure the safe return and the immediate release of the three missing Israeli teens to their families. Whoever has taken this action must be found and brought to justice.”

A prayer rally for the safety of the kidnapped teens was held overnight last Saturday at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The tragic death of three Israeli teens – 30 June 2014

Three innocent Israeli teens was reported missing from Area C in Israel late night of June 12 this year. It was a very heartbreaking and devastating moment for the families of Eyal Yifrah, who was nineteen and was from Elad, Gil-Ad Shaer who was sixteen and was from from Talmon and Naftali Frenkel who was sixteen and was from Nof Ayalon to know that their innocent sons was abducted with no reasons at all. These naive teens could have a better life if this didn’t happen. The terrorist groups did not even contact them or the government. It draws the attention of both the Israeli and Palestinian citizens, together with the government. The Palestinian and the Israeli government joined forces to locate the three missing teens.

The sole mission of the government is to bring back these three missing teens from a three week long search and rescue operation. They also set off a manhunt to ease the pain and worries of the victim’s families, but after weeks and weeks of searching, the three Israeli teens was found lifeless in West Bank, near the Palestinian town Halhul, north of Hebron on the evening of June 30. They have been shot after the abduction, buried and left for dead under load of rocks in the area by their kidnappers. It was said that the kidnappers will contact the authorities, ask for a ransom and collect the money after they killed the three innocent teens. This alleged statement was not confirmed by the government. It was a tragic moment for the family, the loved ones and the country where Eyal Yifrah, Gil-Ad Shaer, and Naftali Frenkel lived.

Many organizations and countries around the world expressed their pain and grief in the unfortunate event that happened to the three Israeli teens. New Yorkers offered a vigil for the three victims late night of June 30 outside the Israeli Consulate in New York. The people who joined this cause waved Israeli flags as they express their heartache and condolences to the families of the deceased. On the other side of the world, Israeli gathered in the Tel Aviv Rabin Square and lit up candles to commemorate the loss of their fellow citizen.

One of the abducted teen, Naftali Fraenkel was a U.S-Israeli citizen.  The U.S. President Barack Obama gave a press release statement regarding the deaths of the three innocent Israeli teens. He expressed his deepest and sincerest condolences to the families of the victims and reflected on the emotional pain that the parents of the victim’s are going through. It is indeed a tough time for everyone.  The U.S government offered their utmost support to the Israeli and Palestinian government because of the futile acts this activist group had done. The U.S president said it was a very inhumane act.

An individual whether he or she is a child, a teen, or an adult has the right to live and have a life. These terrorist groups should pay and be put to justice.


Israel Forest Fire 2010

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Israel Forest Fire 2010

Mount Carmel

Israel Forest Fire 2010

Does it give you goose bumps when you hear the siren of your town fire truck? Does it make your eyes pop hearing about a fire building up nearby?
Mt. Carmel is found north of Israel and south of Haifa. A significant landmark mentioned and read in the bible and was referred to as a symbol of beauty and fertility. 11:00 local time to be accurate an adverse event happened known today as “The Carmel Disaster”. December 2, 2013, alarming news broke out, a forest fire occurred that consuming mostly the Mediterranean Forest which covers the region. The fire spread quickly claiming 44 innocent lives including police officers and officer cadets of the town. To what has been initially reported as a result of global warming after the investigations it has been found out to be a result of an oblivious human activity. Aside from the fatalities that had been recorded, 17 thousand people were compelled to evacuate. To add insult to injury, a massive wave of arsons preceded after the fire. Moreover, it also caused immense environmental damage.
Looking back in history, this is not the first time that Mt. Carmel had been in a serious forest fire case. In 1989, a huge forest fire occurred, devastating hundreds of acres of forest. It is without a doubt how the fire ran quickly that resulted to an enormous damage of lives ad properties since the forest is comprised of mostly Aleppo pine trees that easily ignites. Israel had been experiencing unpredictable weather changes that resulted to an unusual hot weather that dried up the land which also contributed to the quick spreading of the fire.
More than 9 thousand acres of the forest were accounted to have been destroyed by the wide forest fire. A staggering number of 1.5 million trees turned into ashes because of the fire. In order to extinguish the fire, Israel Defense Forces sent two (2) battalions in order to put off the fire. As a result of this the government of Israel implemented a new law to battle forest fire.
Most of the time, the people are obliged to think critically and discern things carefully. Man was created in the image and likeness of God. Human beings were classified as the highest form of animals because of their cognizance and mind to think and distinguish what is right from wrong. There could’ve been no lives and properties shattered if it weren’t for the unmindful and heedless act of other people.
Don’t let this diverse natural endowment be put to waste. Think wisely and take in consideration the future of the coming generation, of your family and of your children. Do not deprive them on witnessing and give them the opportunity to lay their eyes on this exquisite work of God. Mt. Carmel is one of the remaining trademarks and a constant reminder of God’s love and nature’s abundance to the people. Let Mt. Carmel be a symbol of beauty and fertility for the rest of everyone’s lives.

Israel Help To The World

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Israel Help To The World

Humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people Israel Help To The World

Israel help to the world, humanitarian aid

The escalation in the world natural and food crises such as soaring prices, burgeoning population growth has already caused months of unrest in North Africa. This could be a bad omen that may cut across the whole globe and the underlying causes of the crises such as climate change will not disappear so easily in the near future.
Israel is a desert nation that has been once challenged by its arid geography and rapid population growth. This has developed a wide range of agricultural and water technologies that can provide the solutions to many of these problems and is helping to feed the world.
Over many years, Israeli agriculture experts have shared their expertise with some of the poorest nations of the world in order to create sustainable self sufficiency in the areas of food and constant water supplies. This expertise is in high demand in nations such as Africa, India, and China. Israel is also a world leader in desalination; a process that converts salt water into fresh drinkable water.
Israel innovation is not only behind the fascinating new gadgets of computers and phones but also some of the most developed technologies to preserve a clean environment. Israel helped the nation of Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, the most powerful storm ever to hit that nation. The Israeli government sent a delegation team that is composed of both medical professionals and Home Front Search and rescue experts.
The team positioned themselves in a wrecked and abandoned hospital and repaired the caved in roof. There they looked after hundreds of victims that are suffering from diarrhoea, dehydration, respiratory problems and many other medical problems.
The Israeli teams made a significant mark when they were able to restore a 70 year old man’s sight after a nail struck him in the eye during the storm. The street hospital treated over 3,000 patients over a period of nearly two weeks and about one third of these are mainly children.
The Israelis delegation also repaired many damaged infrastructures such as schools and water facilities that were destroyed by the deadly storm. The Israeli delegation left the remaining equipments such as X-ray machines, different types of medication, tents, and generators to be used by the German-Austrian delegation.
Israel has always been motivated by compassion and guided by the many values of human friendship and dignity.