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Airline Attack

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Articles, Malaysia | Comments Off on Airline Attack

Airline Attack

Flag of Malaysia   Airline Attack

Airline Attack: Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crashes in Ukraine


A lot of people believe that Malaysian Airlines must have done something to deserve its feat. Months after one of its airplanes virtually vanished, its flight 17 was attacked in Ukraine. The attack caused the airplane to crash and ended hundreds of human lives. According to reports, no one in the said flight survived the attack. As of the moments, most of the bodies lie in a coal-mining area. This area is located in the eastern part of Ukraine.


One can just imagine the agony of the victims’ loved ones. Days passed as they wait for the bodies of the victims’ retrieval. To aggravate the situation, some of the bodies are actually held hostage in the warzone. Although the government accuses the rebels about causing delay and even holding the dead bodies as hostages, the latter claims that they are being as cooperative as they can be. They also expressed their desire to have all the bodies retrieved and brought home to the victims’ families. The rebels are waiting for international officers or representatives to claim the body. However, none has arrived and the rebels believe that it is because the government scares these representatives. The European government denies the accusation vehemently. Almost 300 bodies are still waiting to be claimed.


Both the USA and Ukraine governments accuse the rebels of tampering evidences at the crash site. This is because unidentified people are seen removing dead bodies from their original location and stow them away on tents around the site. The government attempted rescue and body retrieval immediately. However, the rebels forced the rescuers to turn the bodies over to them and even blocked the ways which prevents more rescuers to respond. People passing by have to cover their noses due to the stench from the dead bodies. The offensive smell even attracts packs of foxes who were seen running through the wreck.


The government still hopes that there will be evidences left. These evidences are crucial in identifying the people or the group responsible for the attack. However, they believe that as days pass, they get lesser chance to get their hands on sufficient evidence. As of the moments, experts have to resort on what are captured in photographs for weapon analysis.


Alexander Borodai, one of the leaders’ rebels holds the recorder which has all information before the plane crashed. Just like the dead bodies, the rebels are holding on to the recorder until an international representative comes to take it.


Fingers point in different directions. Some villagers believe that the Ukrainian military forces are to blame as they aim for the rebels but hit the plane instead. Some believe that a trigger-happy leader who goes by the nickname Mosquito, is responsible for the tragedy. He is believed to fire random shots to the air when he is upset with other rebels.


Grief is universal and villagers come to the wreckage site to offer flowers and prayers for the victims.