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Support our mission for help and rehabilitate victims of natural disasters. We’re also looking at how we can improve our website and we’d like to hear what you think and also need your help and support


“JerusalemHand” Organization was formed 2006 after the devastating calamity that befell the Philippines.

We was so inspired by the impact that the natural disaster had on the people living there, that  chose to create an international organization that offers a helping hand to individuals throughout the world in times of need.

Natural disasters are a fact of life. The Earth is a living organism that goes through cycles and changes, and often times we happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The method through which JerusalemHand assists victims of natural disasters includes working as a middleman between donors and victims.

Not only does the website provide a unique and safe location for victims to share their stories, but it also provides a real opportunity for rehabilitation from such disasters. Additionally, the website also provides emergency preparedness information to help people from becoming victims in the future.

We warmly invite all individuals who are touched by the work being done through the international organization JerusalemHand, to extend their donations and support for the organization. In today’s world kindness is needed more than ever, so websites and organizations like “JersualemHand” are truly cherished.

Thanks to our donors, “JerusalemHand” Organization supports more than a thousand needy victims from around the world.

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support us


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