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Vouchersky – Big Discounts

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Vouchersky – Big Discounts

ללא שם


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Their product categories includes:


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The request to the UN

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The request to the UN

   Flag of the United Nations

The request to the UN

The request of “JerusalemHand” organization to the United Nations

The organization “JerusalemHand”, that deals in rescue and saving, and in rehabilitating victims of international natural disasters around the world, has made an emotional to Mr. Ban Ki-moon, chairman on the United Nations,   to allow representatives of the United Nations to transfer the body for burial in an orderly and deserving way of the Jewish –American journalist, that was murdered, Mr. Steven Sottlof by the murderous terror organization Daash.

Please note, that every day that the victim foes not reach burial in his ancestors place, A wrong over a wrong is being done to the last respect the world owes him and his family.  Especially in light of the tragic event that happen to him, where he was murdered because he represents the enlightened world with the universal values.


israel flag

בקשת ארגון “יד ירושלים” לאו’ם

ארגון “יד ירושלים”, העוסק בחילוץ והצלה, ובשיקום קורבנות אסונות הטבע בינלאומי ברחבי העולם, פנה בפניה נרגשת למר בן קימון יו”ר האו”ם, לאפשר לנציגי האו”ם להעביר את גופתו לקבורה באופן מסודר וראוי, של העיתונאי האמריקאי יהודי, שנירצח, מר סטיבן סותלוף על ידי ארגון הטרור הרצחני דעא”ש.

בבקשה צוין, שכל יום שהנרצח לא מגיע לקבורה במקום אבותיו, נעשה עוול על עוול לכבוד האחרון שהעולם חייב לו ולמשפחתו. בעיקר לאור האירוע הטראגי שקרה לו, בו הוא נרצח דווקא בגלל שהוא מייצג את העולם הנאור עם הערכים האוניברסליים.


The request to the UN

US Flood

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US Flood

Flood Arizona  Nevada

US Flood-2014

Floodwaters caused by heavy rains wreaked havoc in the United States this week. Throughout the Southwest, roads have been closed, homes and cars submerged, and two people have been reported to have lost their lives.

Monsoon storms are common in the Southwest during the summer, and with Tropical Storm Norbert combining with monsoon moisture on Monday, there was record-setting rainfall Phoenix, Arizona. The heavy rainfall caused floodwaters that submerged vehicles and homes in Nevada and Arizona, and were responsible for at least two deaths in southern Arizona.

A 76-year-old woman was killed when her husband attempted to drive across a flooded area. The incident occurred in Pinal County, Arizona, when their vehicle was swept away by the fast-moving water. Both exited their vehicle in an attempt to swim to safety, and the husband, age 69, was able to make it out of the water, but sadly, his wife drowned.

Also in Arizona, another woman was killed when her car was inundated by the rushing floodwaters. The Tucson Fire Department reported that rescuers were unable to reach her vehicle in time to save her life. Capt. Barrett Baker reported the waters were more than 12-feet deep, pushing her car for several blocks.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Monday that they were in a state of emergency as the flooding forced the closure of roads and schools. Freeways in Phoenix had quickly transformed to lakes, and rescuers worked diligently to get drivers out of vehicles overcome with water.

In Moapa, Nevada, the heavy rains left up to 200 elementary students trapped in a school on Monday. Highway Patrol Spokesman Loy Hixson reported that the children at Perkins Elementary school, located about 60 miles from Las Vegas, were safe with teachers during the incident.

Moapa, a town of about 1,000 people located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, saw the worst of the storm. Three teenagers on ATVs had to be rescued with a helicopter after becoming overwhelmed by floodwaters. Approximately 190 people were evacuated from the Moapa Band of Paiutes reservation due to the fear that the Muddy River dam would become breached. Moapa tribal office administrator, Sherryl Patterson, assessed the damage and reported a lot of mud, rivers running across people’s properties and collapsed roads.

Erin Neff, spokeswoman for the Clark County Regional Flood Control District, described the scene after more than 4 inches of rain fell within a two hour period as a “near-miss,” saying that the Muddy and Virgin rivers had almost been breached.

The rains and flash floods eroded away parts of Interstate 15 in Nevada, taking many vehicles along with it. State officials were forced to close a 50-mile section of the interstate that runs from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. Transportation officials reported heavy damage to the area, saying it could take at least four days to repair the eroded highway. A detour added about 50 miles for travelers commuting between the two cities. Utah Department of Transportation spokesman, John Gleason, said that it can’t be overstated how important I-15 is to the people traveling through the area.

While the situation has been very extreme for the past few days, officials are optimistic that they can have the roads and railways functioning again soon.






The Worst Winter in Decades

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The Worst Winter in Decades

2014: The Worst Winter in Decades

2014 featured one of the worst and most extreme winters North America has felt in decades. The United States’ eastern seaboard suffered under very cold temperatures for the majority of the season, and was hit by a succession of winter storms and blizzards almost from the very start of the season.

North American Cold Wave

Temperatures began to dip well below freezing during the month of January which has since become known as the 2014 North American Cold Wave. It affected much of Canada, the United States’ eastern seaboard and Northern Mexico. An Arctic front accompanied by a nor’easter storm tracked across the country on January 2nd and brought heavy snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures.

This event was caused by a sudden stratospheric warming, causing the breakdown of the polar vortex and leading it to track southward bringing Arctic air into the region. The polar vortex continued to track cold air into the United States well into early March. Record temperatures were recorded right across the country, with temperatures such as -18 F in Green Bay, Wisconsin and -37 F in Babbitt, Minnesota.

This extended cold snap caused the Great Lakes to freeze up to 98%. The resulting melting period didn’t happen until temperatures rose above the freezing mark near the end of February, into early March.

Heavy Snowfall

2014 brought with it more snow than has been seen in the United States in recent years; and actually will go down in history as being the second snowiest winter ever; it is short of the record by only 1.7”. For evidence of this, Fort Wayne, Indiana had an accumulated snowfall of 61.1” by February 20. The average city in the United States saw more snow days per month than in previous seasons since 1974.

There were more snowstorms this year too; with New York seeing 14 storms pass through, leaving approximately 4 feet of snow in their wake. Boston has seen 53.5” of snow, although it’s not that far of its average and Chicago saw 67.9” of snow this season and saw its fifth snowiest winter since 1884.

Experts believe this is a possible trend toward colder and snowier winter seasons, and drier and potentially hotter summers. They do believe the mere fact of the Great Lakes’ almost complete freeze will affect the coming summer, bringing with it cooler, less humid days.

Lone woman walking on the snow covered pavement of a Harlem stre