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One Day Of Rain

One Day Of Rain

It was summer time in the Caribbean and Hank was loving it. Summer was his favourite time of the year. He loved everything thing about it, the beaches, the weather, the parties, hanging out with friends but this summer was going to be one he would never forget. There had been an ongoing drought in Jamaica for two months. The drought definitely took a toll on the citizens of Jamaica as there wasn’t enough water for everyone to survive. There had been so many incidents of persons dying of dehydration and the government did know what to do about it. In the first month over 30 persons died and the numbers kept on rising as the weeks passed. They prayed and prayed for rain but none came.
One day he and his friends all planned to go to a nearby beach to hang out. They decided that it was summer and despite what was currently happening they wanted to go out and have fun. They had no idea what was in store for them that day. The view was beautiful today. The sky was a beautiful blue hue and all the birds came out to dance and play. The sun was also present in this affair. The sea was calm and inviting. The sand was soft and golden and parted with each footstep. It was all set to be a great day to be at the beach and everything was just right.
They finally found a spot to lay down their things. Their igloo was filled will beer and liquor and they also brought sandwiches and snacks too. It was typical for Hank and his friends to not want to leave the beach but they all noticed a change in the weather. The sea started to get rough, so rough that it literally felt like it was pulling you under. Hank and his friends struggled to get out of the water.
“Hank, where is Jack?” Chris called out.
Hank turned to find his friend Jack was missing. “He was just right there. Jack! Jack where are you?”
It took them 20 minutes of searching to realise Jack wasn’t going to come back. They started to make their way to the shore. They started to pack up their stuff, tears pouring from their eyes. If only Hank knew what the outcome of today’s event would be he would have stayed home.
As if nature was reflecting Hank’s mood the cloud got dark and full as if it was ready to burst. The thunder roared across the sky and shook the earth. No doubt they were all scared and as soon as the thunder stopped they ran to the car. A bolt of lightning danced it’s way across the sky and light up the now dark sky. It was all so gloomy and scary at the same time. Hank could barely hear the car start with all the noise the thunder made above the roof of the car. Suddenly, a drop of rain, then two, then three. Rain came to save the day.