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natural disasters


An international organization that support the rehabilitated :(ארגון יד ירושלים)

About us and what is our goal:

It was in 2006 when i arrived to the Philippines for the first time, i was in shock of what i saw and at the same time I felt pain.
When a small child, half naked, came up to me and asked me for something to eat, he didn’t talk, just signaled with his hand toward his mouth that he is hungry.
That has happen on the first day, the first hour after i landed at the air port in Manila. Later on i saw many similar cases in the country.
I heard of the country and of the people, but there is a big difference between what you hear and what you actually see.
We are talking about a poor country with happy and charming people.
I have visited a few countries in my life but have really connected to the Philippine people, so much that i married a Filipino woman and today we live with our children in Israel.
For many years i have been helping poor children and I am up to date on most things happening there.
In November 2013 we all saw what is happening in the Philippines, It was a terrible tragedy that even rich countries would have taken long to recover from and get back to normal life.
It was hard for me to see the people suffering, Children, old people that in a moment lost the little they had.
They were left with no homes, no cloths and no food, the forces that tried helping them didn’t manage to reach since all the ways were blocked.


From what I’ve seen and heard an idea came to me, how to help the people, after they experienced a terrible tragedy to recuperate and rehabilitate.
The organization “JERUSALEMHAND” (יד ירושלים) reaches out and gives a hand to those people that were hurt and witnessed the tragic events up close, a change to tell and spill their hearts to a lot of us, to find a a sympathetic ear of what happen from their point of view and to get guidance and advice from others.
Those people have been through a difficult trauma and one of the ways to heal and rehabilitate is to tell and bring to the light all they have been through. him rehabilitate and get back to normal life is the official website of “JerusalemHand”, an international organization that offers support and assistance to the victims of natural calamities all over the world. The website provides a one of a kind opportunity for people to be heard through publishing real and heartwarming life stories. The people who are in serious need of assistance in order to move on from huge loss due to calamity are given a chance to draw donors through their life stories. The site serves as a strong connection between victims of disasters and the generous people who are willing to help. “JerusalemHand” not only rehabilitates houses or infrastructures. It also helps rehabilitate wounded hearts due to huge trials that a person has gone through. The website also includes noteworthy information about emergency preparedness that can definitely help everyone. The site can also help people understand the terms and policies of the organization. A visit in  can surely touch anyone’s heart.


Terms and conditions:


⦁    The owners of this site are Baruch and Olivia (jerusalemhand organization – יד ירושלים) that give

service and helps rehabilitate all those who were hurt in some natural disaster.

⦁    Each user is considered to have read and agreed to the terms of use of the site.

⦁    The site owners accept details, photos and videos from those who have signed up

And agreed their details would be published on the site.

⦁    The owners of the site may use the details of the publisher for this site.

⦁    Each article and story that is posted on the site is now owned by the owner of the site.

⦁    Our organization has the right not to publish or advertise stories or articles for any reason.

⦁    It is forbidden to tell a third party story.

⦁    Each publisher or payer must be 18 year old or above.

⦁    The owners of the site are eligible, in their own discretion to prevent, stop, limit and/or

block the use or the site. also to change information, if the use of the site is not legal or

unworthy or in conflict of the terms of use and/or for any other reason.

⦁    It is forbidden to publish on the site stories or articles that are of sexual nature, offensive,

disturbing or threatening.

⦁    The owners of the site may, on occasions, send in email information that is relevant to the

activities of the site. The user may ask us to stop the sending of those emails.

⦁    The organization will not be responsible or communications or activities that occurs

between the participants our side the site activity and is not responsible of the results.

⦁    The organization and the site owners will take no responsibility of any damage done by

the use of the site’ its content or external services such as paying via external suppliers.

⦁    The organization may change the content of the site, design, structure and even close the

site without informing about it in advance and the user will have no right to complain or sue

regarding the matter .

⦁    Our site have links that lead to other sites that we do not own.  We take no

responsibility for those links or the level of service those sites provide.

⦁    Users that do not publish their story are allowed to choose their favorite story and a gift

for the publisher.

⦁    It is forbidden for guests and users  of the site to use the articles and stories that are in

our site for personal or commercial use. Also forbidden to copy and distribute.

⦁    Every one that publish his story in our site allows our organization “jerusalemhand”- ” יד ירושלים” a free

license to use the material anywhere in the site owners discretion.

⦁    The prices in our site include VAT .

⦁    Our organization is not responsible for any damage that is done to the gift package while

being sent to the publisher.


⦁    The use and service of our site is under the Israeli law only and it is only under Israeli



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