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JERUSALEMHAND organization which works for disaster victims in the world and is willing to go to any country when needed, is recruiting volunteers from around the world highly motivated responsible and in depended people, conscientious believers in providing optimal care to victims and patients. We need professional people that are available to represent in their region, with organization talent and with leadership skills to recruit, organize and manage volunteer groups. Anyone interested who want to join and be part of an organization, please leave your full details so we can contact you.

To the donors:

As we sit at a warm house, while we travel and spend time in restaurants and bars. There are those who need food and something soft to lay their head so they can sleep. Those who in one moment lost everything they had, because a nature disaster happen while they were not ready. Those disasters are not in the hands of man and no one knows when and where the next disaster will happen, so we call everyone to participate and help the injured by the nature disaster and donate so that we can rehabilitate the victims and return them to normal life, to their routine. please contact us or leave details so that we can return to you shortly and save another living soul.


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The Organization Image

The organization “JerusalemHand” supports, aids and assist the needy, helps rehabilitate

casualties of nature disaster around the world in the form of direct help such as money

donation, food packages, clothing ect.. To that needy or victim or with the activation of

professional people for the giving of mental assistant, medical assistance, in order to

rehabilitate that injured, victim of nature disaster, help locating missing person, search

and rescue, help with bureaucratic procedure and contacting local authorities or the

authorities of that country and area the victim is in. Our organization strives to improve

the quality of life of the person facing financial difficulties, mental and physical disaster.

Assistance and support depend on the budget and personnel of the organization.

Candidate requirements

1. Ability to locate people who are victims of natural disasters and their registration.

2. Inspection extent of damage caused by natural disaster to victim and what the victim needs assistance with.

3. Distribution of food, basic supplies to the victims, each by Region

4. Professionals: doctors, psychologists, counselors, operators, caregivers, people with a background in search and rescue, kindergarten teachers and teachers who will be able to give assistance to victims of natural disasters.

5. Managers / commanders and area media representatives to convey information and to the management of the organization, regarding the damaged areas and for the people who have been hit by natural disaster (must have background in management).

6. The ability to find and train volunteers.

7. Locating potential donors to establish soup kitchens, food distribution centers,

rehabilitation that will provide medical and psychological assistance, establishment

of temporary kindergartens and temporary accommodation, buying humanitarian

supplies, building bases of the organization in the country in which occurs the

disaster to be accessible to victims and allow them to get help faster with high


Duties of the organization member

1. Each volunteer will behave loyally, with respect and integrity to the organization.

2. You may not hide information that is connected and relevant to the organization.

3. You may not make statements in the name of the organization.

4. You may not use the name of the organization for personal needs.

5. All information that can be related to and important for the organization should be transferred only to the organization’s management.

6. Operating time active duty follow directions behave appropriately, be disciplined and reliable in order not to damage the organization’s image.

7. All active, volunteer or member shall not engage in criminal activity and not belong to any criminal organization.

8. Each active member organization shall not engage, do not participate in any way shape or something related directly or indirectly to terrorism and / or destruction of nations.

9. I pledge that I am not affiliated with any organization anti-Semitic, and I do not

hold anti-Semitic attitudes.

10. Each active member will treat people with equality and respect with no difference between color and religion.

11. Do not put yourself in the position of any organization on your own initiative.

12. Always be available by phone or by mail

13. every member in the organization that does not wish to be active anymore will inform the organization management

14. every member of the organization will receive a certificate in his name and a picture

15. Once in a while an email will be sent with news and updates related to the organization and activity.

16. Once in a while, according to the budget, all the activists and members of the organization will receive a gift basket.

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education/profession *:

knowledge in languages *:

place of work *:

criminal record *:

driver license *:

has a passport *:

other citizenships *: if yes where

Management ties now and in the past *:
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Belonging to other organizations in past or present. if yes so specify where

health condition *:

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have you volunteered before *: if yes where

how did you hear of the organization *:

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  • Please fill in the entire questionnaire and read carefully the duties and requirements.
  • We welcome any additional information that could help us find for you the appropriate volunteer in the “JerusalemHand" organization.


I the undersigned after reading all the requirements and obligations of the applicant and

filled out the questionnaire, are interested in becoming an active member. I certify that

my answers are full and sincere. I agree that my name and details will be posted on the

volunteer activist organization. I known to me that if I violate this Agreement or tries to

harm the image or the name of the organization, the organization may remove me from

being an active member of the organization.