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Storm – A Phenomenon of Nature and Technology

Storm is an anxious condition of the atmosphere that affects the environment. Most of the time, it is an indication of a very bad weather condition together with thunder or lightning, strong wind, hail and many more. There are also several types of storm such as:


  • Snowstorm – This type of storm produces heavy fall of snow that surely results to approximately five centimeters per hour and snowstorm is known to last for few hours. No wonder this type of storm can stop the region’s activities and business that requires transportation.
  • Blizzard – This is a combination of strong wind and heavy fall of snow. Blizzard results to a very cold weather approximately below 14 F or –10 degree Celsius.
  • Ice storm – This is perhaps the most strongest and dangerous type of storm during winter. No doubt this type of storm can cause loss of power and great damage for some buildings. This storm can last for a minimum of several hours to couple of days.

Those are some types of storm and people should not take them lightly because they can be very dangerous, can cause severe damage to their property, and they even cause death for some.

In some cases, a very strong storm can result to a storm surge since it produces strong winds than creates huge waves and it can eventually lead to a very dangerous, fatal, and deadly tsunami, which is a very serious weather condition that is feared by all people. Tsunami is a result of a powerful earthquake, strong and huge ocean waves, landslides, or any other kind of land disturbances. Here are some examples of the deadliest tsunami that strike different parts of the world and caused destruction and killed a lot of people


  1. Japan 2011 – The tsunami that hit Japan was caused by a 9.1 magnitude of earthquake. This unfortunate natural disaster killed an estimated of 18,000 people. There were huge and deadly waves approximately 39 meters high exactly at Miyako city. These caused flood and drowning.
  2. Indian Ocean tsunami 2004 – This unfortunate event happened December 26, 2004 and is caused by an earthquake as well with a powerful magnitude of 9.1 up to 9.3 that triggers this devastating tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people.


Countries that experienced these deadliest tsunamis and the people who survived them managed to move on and now almost back in business. Although some of them still suffer from trauma, nervousness, and shock, with proper help, courage, and motivation they can totally move on with life and get going, all they need is time.

Although dome of these natural disasters can be predicted by today’s technology, it’s still important to be prepared all the time. Prepare the things that you need like food, first aid kit, water, and some necessities in order for a person to survive just in case there is a need to evacuate or if they were trapped. Whenever there are storms, even if it’s not that strong, go to a safer place far from the ocean or streams. It is absolutely great to be safe than regret something that a person might prevent by being prepared.

Ocean Wave Storm Pier