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Hurricanes – Mother Earth’s Wrath

When the Earth’s wrath and Nature’s wretchedness are fiercely combined, people must prepare themselves because they can’t easily shun and run away from the veracity that this couple can certainly bring jeopardy and can cause myriad death on man. Hurricanes are definitely one of the most perilous storms that people fear of because they can annihilate things and take lives in a heartbeat. Hurricanes are massive, swirling storm and can engulf anything that would curb and come on its way. They produce winds of 119 kilometers per hour or 74 meters per hour or much higher. They are formed over warm ocean waters.

Hurricane Categories

There are categories of hurricanes and they are categorized through making use of Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

  • Category 1 when the winds range from 119-153 km/hr.
  • Category 2 when the winds range from 154-177 km/hr.
  • Category 3 when the winds range from 178-209 km/hr.
  • Category 4 when the winds range from 210-249 km/hr.
  • Category 5 when the winds are more than 259 km/hr.

Hurricane Parts

If people thought that only tangible things have their parts, well, they thought wrong! These are the parts of hurricane that will surely astound you!

  • Hole can be located basically at the center of the storm. Winds are not that strong in this part. You can also observe that the skies are quite cloudy and clear.
  • Eye wall is considered to be the ring of thunderstorms. Winds are strongest and the rain is heaviest in its wall.
  •  Rain bands are more flexible than your ordinary rubber because they stretch for hundreds of miles. They have thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes. (Geez!)

Hurricane Safety Tips

Prevention is still far better than cure. So, here are the things that you can take into consideration if in case hurricanes strike!

  • Be Updated. It’s no longer arduous for people to know the bits and pieces around them because communication has been reinforced by technology.
  • Television, radio or internet is everywhere. They should listen to weather reports frequently so that they will be cognizant, able to prepare themselves for the imminent storm and be able to find a safer place.
  • Stock ample food and drink. It is a must for people to eat and drink for their physical nourishment and sustenance. During hurricane, people must not expect there that will available supermarkets where they can buy their foodstuff or drink, ofcourse they will not swap their precious life over money. Thus, there should be enough food and drink in the cab.
  • Set life as a front burner. Material possessions can be easily bought, expunged and swapped anytime. So, don’t fret for them because they can be purchased anytime unlike life that when it is already over, it’s really over.

Hurricanes are just one of the natural calamities that befall in a person’s life, literally and figuratively speaking. Notwithstanding, people should not be apprehensive at all to stand up again after this storm.