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Landslide – Mudslide

Nature is indeed unpredictable, today you might experience fair and sunny weather but tomorrow might be a whole different one. As a result, people are experiencing different kinds of natural calamity most of the time such as storm, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and a lot more that might lead to floods, storm surge, or even landslide, and mudslide that can cause serious accidents or in worst case scenario, death.

Landslide and Mudslide are somewhat two different kinds of after effect that might experience after a particular heavy rain. Landslide refers to the downhill movement of a certain volume of soil that might include rock and any other type of debris on the surface. This can absolutely result to a huge destruction depending on the amount of the landslide. There are four types of landslide and those are:


  1. Fall – This is the fastest kind of landslide, tocks and soil descends rapidly and this is cause by either soil movement or earthquakes.
  2. Flow – This type of landslide is fast moving as well but the difference is, it includes water and since it has a high water inclusion, it might cause more landslide than the usual one. This is the usual result of unusual heavy and long rain.
  3. Topple – Not all landslides refer to descending soil and rocks, a tilting rock or soil is also classified as one such as this topple. The chunks of rock can fall, bounce, slide, or roll.
  4. Slide – This is perhaps the most common kind of landslide, it usually happens if the lower part of a certain mountain or soil is cut off, because of this, the soil on the upper part would no longer have sufficient support and would eventually slide down.


Mudslide on the other hand from the name it self, it consists of mud and water. The main causes are either unusual heavy rain or unexpected thaw of soil. This is a dangerous kind of after effect as well because if you get stuck in the middle of it, your chance of surviving would be very minimal.


Landslide and mudslides can either be a result of natural calamity or it can also be because of human’s reckless act that is why blaming the nature alone is definitely not a wise thing to do. Instead of damaging the nature, why not plant more trees to help a particular soil in collapsing that surely results to landslide or mudslide. Living beside a mountain or downhill where these two usually happens is not also advisable and people should strictly follow it because it is for their own good in order to avoid any kind of accident that is related to it.


These two might be a little different but they are triggered by the same kinds of natural disasters such as:


  • Earthquake
  • Soil erosion
  • Storms of heavy rains
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Sudden thawing or alternate freezing


Those reasons are absolutely unpredictable but people can always choose and study the place where they want to live and when choosing, make sure to select a place with sturdy surface, sufficient land management, and no nearby mountain or any kind of elevated soil in order to prevent accidents that is related to landslide or mudslide.