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natural disasters

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit

2 Person Elite Kit

Emergency Kit

List of products and items that appears below is a recommendation to any owner of a family and a business and designed to meet the first three days after the disaster (especially earthquake). If a strong earthquake will occur, many citizens will have to cope on their own in the first 72 hours. It is important to pack the kit bag will be easy to carry and place it where it would be easier and faster to find if necessary.

• Enough water for each family member (taking into account three liters per day)

• Water purification tablets for drinking and cooking purposes

• Portfolio and First Aid Guide

• Medicines that family members are taking (about a week)

• Fire extinguisher

• Flashlights with extra batteries and bulbs

• Radio (transistor) with a set of extra batteries

• Cooking Kit (camping stove, pots, cutlery)

• Fire lighting means

• Food for all the family to 3-4 days (Priority conserved food that does not require refrigeration or special lease conditions)Buy Emergency Foods

• Manual can openers (mechanical)

• Accessories sanitation and hygiene (garbage bags, sealed bags, soap, cleansing gel, deodorant)

• Tent enough for all the family

• Blankets, sleeping bags and clothing replacement

• The plastic sheet size of at least 3×3 m

• Basic tools (multi-purpose pocket knife, a hammer, a knife, scissors, a sewing kit)

• Insect repellent

• Sewing kit

• Compass

• Sunscreen

• Documents (photo or source): passports, identity cards, driving license

• Essential emergency phone list

• Special certifications and licenses (medicine, law, etc.)

• Insurance, different contracts

• Bank account numbers

• Credit card information

• List of expensive items in

• Family certificates (birth, death, marriage)

Except for portfolio preparation / emergency kit have to take additional action to prepare. There are several websites that allow purchase emergency preparedness kits.