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UK Met Office Predicts Anomalous Heat

UK Met Office Predicts Anomalous Heat

UK Met Office Predicts Anomalous Heat

We already have a pretty clear indication of what the weather 2016 situation is likely going to bring us. We know that one of the main components to the weather prediction from the U.K. Met Office concerns the subject of anomalous heat. It’s a subject that’s worth taking seriously.


Weather 2016 Predictions

The U.K. Met Office has made it clear in no uncertain terms that the weather next year is going to be very warm indeed. 2014 was a hot one, with record temperatures being set across the globe. 2015 continued that trend. If the U.K. Met Office has anything to say about it, weather 2016 is going to keep the ball rolling, drawing us back to the simple fact that the consequences of climate change are vast. While weather prediction is a tricky, intricate science, the U.K. Met Office has a considerable measure of confidence in the notion that 2016 is going to be subject to a great deal of anomalous heat.

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The natural climate cycles of the Pacific and the Atlantic are being reversed. Furthermore, this will collide with and then enhance the particulars of global warming. Although the U.K. could experience a fairly cool summer next year, it is probable that much of the rest of the world will experience some particularly brutal heat waves. Weather patterns all throughout the world will be impacted to some degree or another. You can definitely add the concept of anomalous heat to any weather prediction for 2016 you are going to come across. This means that the weather across the board will be subject to distinct, sometimes severe differences from what we are used to.


Although climbing greenhouse gas emissions have continued over the past few years, there has been something of a pause in climbing air temperatures. The truth of the matter is that there has not been a pause at all. What has actually happened is that the climate cycles have kept the heat embedded in the oceans. This appears to be changing, which means we can consider a weather prediction model that features global warming increases over the next several years, going beyond anything on the subject of weather 2016. It is highly likely that anomalous heat is just going to be one of the many things that marks certain times of the year.


In the end, time will only tell. There are a variety of factors on this subject that must be kept in mind at all times.