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Political change might be a way to solve community healthcare problems

Political change might be a way to solve community healthcare problems

The state of medicine in a country is one of the indicators of its level of development. Unfortunately, many countries in the world cannot boast of truly effective and at the same time affordable and yet available medical care. The statistics shows that almost all countries in the post-Soviet territory are in this category. According to the information officially published by WHO, none of them are among the leaders in terms of health care and they are significantly lagging behind. This causes sincere concern among humanitarian organizations, whose activities are closely related to medicine.
Moreover, the world has been gripped by the coronavirus pandemic for almost a year, which started spreading in the spring and today has returned again as a second wave. The sudden increase in the number of people infected with the urgent need for hospitalization revealed many problems with hospital facilities in the CIS countries. In addition to the catastrophic shortage of places in them, it turned out that a majority of them does not have modern equipment, they do not provide necessary medicines and consumables. In addition to that, hospitals are often not even staffed with the required medical staff.
The International Israeli Rescue Organization Jerusalem Hand is aware of the real situation, which causes serious concern to it. This is especially for Republic of Moldova, which, unfortunately, is a total outsider in the ranking of European healthcare. In addition to the low quality of medical care for the residents of the Republic of Moldova, it is often simply inaccessible and unavailable. The public health insurance system is poorly developed, while private services are not cheap. Very often, unlike Germany, Austria or Sweden, people with low incomes in Moldova simply do not receive any medical care at all. But in these mentioned countries there are special programs and whole systems of assistance for such categories of the population.
Experts name several reasons for this state of affairs, and above all, insufficient funding. But no less important is the low transparency of the medical sector in Moldova as a whole, which leads to a real confusion in the pricing of services, medicines and examinations. It seems that this situation can be resolved only through a decisive reform of the industry, since any incomplete or half-hearted measures will only make the situation even worse. But is this scenario possible, or will the really effective reforms remain only good wishes from the outside?
The answer is simple, the time will show. But still, there is hope that this will happen and it will not take much time to wait. After all, the last presidential elections resulted in a change of power, which means that there might be some transformations in the Republic of Moldova. It has already happened many times that dramatic changes of this kind took place just at the time of global events, and here political changes are superimposed on the global situation with Covid -19. Well, let’s be optimistic, perhaps this time something similar might happen as well.