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Who will help with a planetary scale problem?

Who will help with a planetary scale problem?

Our organization “Jerusalem Hand”, whose mission is to protect the environment, support and rehabilitate people who have become victims of natural disasters, as well as provide the latest information on natural disasters around the world, is concerned about the fate of the drifting iceberg, code-named A68.
Recall: A massive Antarctic iceberg the size of a small country is heading for the island of South Georgia with concerns it could disrupt the British territory’s economy and its wildlife.
Iceberg A-68A broke off the Larsen C ice shelf on the east of Antarctica’s peninsula in July 2017 and is about the same size as South Georgia, where it’s feared it could be heading.
The organization has already appealed to the Israeli authorities, as well as to the UAE, in order for the parties to take certain actions to prevent a disaster. The organization also calls on the government of the Russian to help and provide all possible assistance.

Who will help with a planetary scale problem - Iceberg