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The Flash – Understanding Lightning

A lot of people cannot really tell if they are more afraid of lightning or thunder. Most people would scream and cover their ears when they hear thunders rolling. However, lightning is far more dangerous although it usually just looks like a flash of light from people inside their homes. It is very important to understand lightning and not dismiss it as just light. It is a beautiful natural phenomenon and a deadly one too.

Lightning Variations

There are different lightning variations. Although people will see the same flash of light, there are actually variations depending upon different factors such as sizes and durations.

  • Have a Ball. A ball lightning is spherical and may be pea-sized or a few diameters big. It lasts for numerous seconds which is a lot longer than lightning flashes. This kind of lightning is rarely recorded as it actually happens rarely. It is also unpredictable.
  • Bid Goodbye. The bead lightning is mostly the lightning discharge wherein the lightning breaks up into few segments instead of the actual lightning.
  • Run Dry. Dry lightning causes wildfires and is common in specific countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Sharp as Forks. Forked lightning is a kind of branching CG or cloud to ground lightning.
  • In Heat. Heat Lightning is popular as a thunder-less lightning. This kind of lightning happens in a place too far for people to hear the thunder that comes with it.
  • Rib on. Ribbon lightning occurs during thunderstorms. In such scenarios, there are high cross winds which blow the lightning’s return stroke. It causes a ribbon-like effect.
  • No Rocket Science. The rocket lightning is actually a form of horizontal cloud discharge.
  • It’s the sheet. Sheet lightning brightens the cloud’s surface. People may not see this lightning or may just appear as a sheet or a flash of light.
  • Stuck at oh. Staccato lighting is single but is very bright. It also branches considerably. This kind of lightning usually takes place near a rotating thunderstorm’s mesocyclone.
  • Super Lightning. Superbolts are lightning bolts that are about a hundred times brighter than the ordinary lightning.
  • Clean and Clear. Clear lighting is a type of lighting which happens far from clouds.

How to Stay Safe during Thunderstorms

  • Minimize the possibilities. People can actually increase or minimize the possibilities of being struck by lightning. It is best to stay indoors when a thunderstorm approaches, especially when there’s a thunderstorm overhead, until it has completely departed. It would most likely be safe after about half an hour.
  • Stay away from electrical cords, corded telephones, and electrical equipments. Stay away from plumbing too.
  • Stay inside the house and do not sit or stand near the windows and doors. Do not stay in the porch.
  • Do not leave pets outside the house. It is unsafe for pets as it is for people.

People have a lot of reason why they should be afraid of lightning. When it comes to your life and your loved ones’, it would be better not to take any chances. Prioritize safety especially against lightning.