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Hurricane Katrina USA 2005

Hurricane Katrina USA 2005

Hurricane Katrina USA 2005

There are a lot of natural disasters nowadays, some say it is the result of some people’s abusive acts and some say it is just the way things are. Just like the deadliest and very powerful Hurricane Katrina that was formed in the Bahamas, then it went to Florida and strengthens its way to Mexico where it causes floods that leads to several deaths. The first landfall of this hurricane was rated Category 5, which means disastrous damage and by the second landfall, it was rated Category 3, which means devastating damage. Those ratings and description only show how deadly and destructive Hurricane Katrina is.

The city and state where the most number of deaths occurred was in New Orleans, Louisiana, approximately 80% of the city was flooded. Experts said it is because of the faulty hurricane surge protection of the state, which they said is the worst in U.S. history and that is why a lawsuit has been filed for the engineers and builders of the levee system. Judge Stanwood Duval of U.S district court laid evenly the responsibility for the flooding and failures on the Army Corpse in 2008. However, some agencies received kudos for a job well done including the USCG or United States Coast Guard, NWS or National Weather Service, and NHC or Natural Hurricane Center, since they were able to provide accurate information about the estimated time of arrival and successfully track the hurricane Katrina.

The former president George Bush provided $105 billion for rebuilding and repairs for the cities that were affected. Hurricane Katrina has made a huge damage including 30 oil platforms and nine refineries. Nature was not exempted as well, approximately 1.3 million acres forestland was destroyed and the total loss was about $5 billion in forestry industry. This huge destruction caused by the hurricane left so many people unemployed, that resulted to fewer taxes and unfortunately violence and looting. People felt so loss and they do not know what to do, they do not have jobs, food, or even water. So the people who survived in New Orleans started looting the stores, searching for food, clothing, and things that they can use in repairing their damaged houses. There were reported murders, theft, and carjacking, fortunately after almost two weeks, law and order has been restored in the City of New Orleans. In total, Hurricane Katrina impacted Louisiana and Mississippi more than $150 billion, but eventually they were able to cope and now back in the business.

Local government was able to exhaust all their resources and requested for back up from country level. People were rescued, provided food and temporary shelter. Although there are a lot of criticisms about the government response for this very unfortunate event, they were able to cope up.

People started to rebuild their houses, companies started their businesses and the places that were swept by Hurricane Katrina are now fully recovered. In life, even if there are unexpected and painful events, people needs to be strong in order to survive and move on. It is good to always remember that everyday is a chance for a new beginning.

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