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natural disasters

Celle Bagaoisan Agnir

Celle Bagaoisan Agnir

First of all , I would like to thanks To Olive for joining me on this Organization .. wanna express my warmest regrds to the admin for openning this for the purpose of helping OFWs in times of disasater physically .. It was my unforgettable experiance during friday night and the whole day of sabath that nobody can help me because it is sabath the holy day of Jewsih people and specially i am working to the religious family.. it is inded that this organization can really help us during this situation.. we can call this jerusalemhand to save life when in times of emegency.. to the administration of the organization.. i wish you all the best and God bless to the people involved and many bless will return to you and best unity, understanding, love and joy for the service to the people in need… God bless! ..