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Weather prediction for 2015

Weather prediction for 2015

Weather prediction for 2015

Weather prediction for 2015

What Nostradamus said:

In the middle of the XXI century is expected to global warming, which will cause flooding of coastal areas in Europe. Astrologer gave a prediction for a near-term, the next in 2015, which according to the Eastern calendar, the year of the Goat. “Year of the Goat, we think that is very whimsical year. Capricious goat – today say one thing, tomorrow another.

Weather prediction for 2015

American clairvoyant Jody Senkirik:

Now, in his opinion, there is a tendency of deterioration of natural conditions in the world, and because of the actions of the people themselves. Senkirik fears that in 2015 the earth will be covered something incomprehensible. As he said, it’s not a hurricane category five, and not an earthquake, although it can also be. To earthlings, said the clairvoyant, will be faced with something like a tsunami. “The waters overwhelm low islands of the Caribbean, and the end of 2015, the process will cover the European coast.”

British forecasters predicted:

Winter 2015 will be a very snowy and frosty. Especially during the second half. All UK public services have already instructed to prepare for a possible snow apocalypse. Last year, a group of Japanese researchers on the basis of field measurements and mathematical modeling has confirmed the assumption that because of the general warming there is a reduction of sea ice in the Barents and Kara Seas, which leads to a change in the balance of the distribution of masses of cold air from eastern Siberia. As a result, the cold air, in their opinion, flows down to Europe. But if Europe worried about cooling, then North America, will be hit a terrible drought.

Russian astrologer predicted:

Astrologer and journalist Viktor Bogdanov believes that the Earth is closer to the spring they shall spread terrible disasters.

Vanga predictions:

One of the most well-known and credible clairvoyant all times and nations – Bulgarian Vanga. Exact dates, the woman never called, but by analyzing, comparing and identifying of coincidences you can set the startling facts: the prophecy came true. The events of the year Goats, Vanga said as a global, catastrophic, but the destruction of humanity as a whole is not predicted.

Weather prediction for 2015

Experts Saxo Bank:

Saxo Bank experts fear that the Iceland could destroy volcano “Bardarbunga” that are activated in the spring of 2014. Seismologists fear that it could trigger an eruption. And if the predictions come true, the ash cloud will reach Europe.