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Why can Arab terror be compared to a natural disaster

Why can Arab terror be compared to a natural disaster

It’s time to internalize: the struggle with the Arabs is the kind of weather phenomenon that will continue and the occasional surprise. We just need to know how to properly prepare.



In the beginning of the XXth century 400 people  died annually because of a thunderstroke.400 people a year. Just because of a thunderstroke. Only in the USA. The various processes of urbanization and development of new technologies reduced this number in a dramatic way.  Nowadays “just” 30-40 Americans per year die from a thunderstroke.

Natural disasters go along with the mankind throughout the course of history. Some countries and nations suffer very much from earthquakes, floods and tsunami, from colossal forest fire, from hurricanes and tornadoes, from hot or cold weather, accompanied by extremely high or extremely low temperature. In the last decade about one million people died on the Earth because of natural disasters.


The State of Israel is lucky – it is situated in one of the calmest (from the climatic point of view) places in the world. The fact, that a couple of rainy days lead to floods in big cities and a small amount of snow in mountains paralyzes the whole country, requires special investigation of Israelis’ psychological features. Though it only emphasizes that we live in comfortable climatic conditions.

Although the local climate isn’t problematic, there is a plenty of terror and wars. It is time to treat it as inevitable climatic problems. In America thunderstorms with lightnings lead to dozens of dead people annually.  Japanese people suffer from tsunamis, which claim thousands lives from time to time, and there are earthquakes in South America. And every few months we have to get over the wave of terror. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid victims.

Two weeks ago a storm of resentment raised when Benjamin Netanyahu declared that we would always have to live, constituting on the force of weapon. The Left tore the remains of hair on their breasts and in social networks there was a pandemonium about the speech of the head of the government. Though this is about the speech that reflects reality of our life. This is about the truth, which becomes clearer with every new wave of terror, with every new Arab teenager who takes a screwdriver at home and goes outside to kill a Jew. There is no logic, no territorial conflict. There is no war between two nations which can be finished by signing a treaty of peace. Arab-Israeli conflict has long roots and seems to be more like a climatic phenomenon than a war.

It doesn’t mean that one may not defend and struggle against terror. A lot can be done in struggle against a hurricane, threatening to wipe out the country where you live. A lot can be done in opposition to terrorists, who try to kill you and your children. It also doesn’t mean that you bear no responsibility for the madness, enthroned in the hearts of your enemies. As well as rational activity of people often leads to exasperation of natural disasters (especially during the last century), Israelis also bear a certain amount of responsibility for what is happening in the Arab world. We must expend efforts to reduce the degree of hatred and madness among the Arab population.

Arab terror

However, it is time to understand (Western, liberal person, grown up in line with the values of humanism, tolerance and charity can hardly accept harsh truth): whatever we do, the hatred towards us will remain at the same level. Whatever we do, we cannot stop the emergence of another tornado in the ocean of irrational hatred. No tactical steps can protect us from another earthquake.

The blood libel in Damascus, bashing in 1929, the Arab revolt in 1936 – it all happened long before “the occupation”. I happened even before the formation of the state in 1948. PLO was created in 1964 – three years before the Israeli army entered Ramallah and Shechem.

The Israeli Left and a great part of the Right still believe that this hurricane can me calmed and that another war can be prevented by territorial concessions. All the previous experience shows that such ideas are full nonsense. The hurricane deals destruction because it is a natural disaster. Arabs will continue to kill Jews – just because it is so and not otherwise.

The original of the publication: NRG