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natural disasters

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

There is little worse than a natural disaster. These types of disasters come in all shapes and sizes and do not discriminate. A natural disaster is any event that occurs from nature and is not manmade, such as a tornado, a volcanic eruption, a hurricane, flood, or an earthquake. These disasters are often tragic and can come with fatal repercussions. There are plenty of victims every month involving natural disasters and it would help other people to avoid those situations if they better prepared for them.

Earthquakes are sudden releases of energy in the Earth’s crust that create seismic waves. These happen all the time, without us even feeling them, but the ones that catch our attention are ones of high magnitude. These can shift buildings, put cracks in the street, and can cause billions in damage. These are deadly disasters that are hard to avoid from, but do not happen as often in damaging numbers as one may think. Other natural disasters are much more prevalent.

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that can cover a wide span of land and water. Notable hurricanes happen all the time and they can be very life-threatening and damaging. Winds can reach speeds of far over 100mph and the only way to really avoid one is to either hide in a bathroom or seek shelter underground. Hurricane Katrina was the last notable hurricane where thousands of people were either left homeless, injured, or lost their lives.

Volcanic eruptions are unique in which they cannot happen everywhere. They happen only, as you would guess, where there are volcanos to begin with. Hawaii has a lot of volcanic eruptions and there is absolutely no way to avoid them. Once they happen, the best action to take is to evacuate and seek shelter wherever the volcano is not active. Volcanic eruptions produce lava, which is a very hot molten rock expelled by the volcano during an eruption. It will burn anything instantly it touches and is best avoided all together.

Natural disasters happen every day and they are usually hard to avoid. They destroy lives, cause billions in damage, and can leave people confused as to why such destruction would happen in the first place. The more knowledgeable you are of such storms, however, the best you can do to prepare yourself for future problems. Knowledge truly is power when it comes to Mother Nature and it is best absorbed every chance you get.