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natural disasters

Victims Support Center

Victims support center

International Council for the Rehabilitation of Victims of natural disasters – an independent international organization “JerusalemHand” (JHO) of public employees, which seeks the rehabilitation of victims.

Created in 2013, JHO is the prime organization that collaborates with more than 100 rehabilitation centers located in all regions of the world. Together, we are fighting for assisting victims of natural disasters and their families.

JHO seeks to create a global community. For this purpose we:

– draw public attention to the need for rehabilitation of victims and call upon support for victims

– Promoting the creation of centers for the treatment of victims around the world

– Carry out the work for Natural Disaster Prevention

– Seek to increase financial support for rehabilitation centers, programs and projects in all regions of the world.

We need your help

Victims of natural disasters are eligible for rehabilitation; Nevertheless, the means by which a rehabilitation center in general, insufficient to meet all the needs of the victims of today. Further, victims of natural disasters rarely receive compensation and seek restitution.

JHO together with rehabilitation centers and programs defends the rights of victims by raising funds for their rehabilitation. In this regard, JHO refers to governments, international donors, United Nations and regional organizations.

You can help the victims start a new life by supporting JHO and rehabilitation centers in your own country >>> Support Our Mission 

If you are victim of natural disaster,  you can try to contact us by clicking on this link >>> Contact Us

If you are looking for Missing relatives or friends, we will try to help you here >>> Contact Us

Remember! Victims and missing persons, need you and waiting for your help.

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victims support center

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Victims support center of “JHO” appreciate, respect and thanks, of our volunteers who offering their services:

– Conducting quality investigations at any level

– Collection of data and information

– Development of the newest versions

– Fight against corruption and bureaucracy

– Assistance in fundraising

– Any other assistance